50 Excellent Ad Agency Blogs Worth Reading

The official blogs of ad agencies and media buying shops are often great sources of ideas and inspiration. Below, we profile some of the best and most interesting ad agency blogs out there. (By the way, if you’re in the Web advertising industry, consider joining the MonetizePros Private Mastermind Group – get valuable insights, discuss with other people in the industry, look at case studies and much more)

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Global Agency Blogs

Many of the largest ad agencies in the world have joined the blogosphere, sharing insights about their clients’ needs, successful campaigns, and the cutting edge of advertising. If you know where to look, you can get commentary and analysis from execs at the major ad agencies on a regular basis:

  1. DDB Blog. This blog from DDB publishes regular thoughts on branding initiatives, social media strategies, and much more from the world of advertising. Awesome recent article: No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes.
  2. MEC Blogs. MEC is a huge full service ad agency, with offices on several continents. Their blogs feature great in-depth commentary and analysis from company executives. Awesome recent article: The Harsh Wake-Up Call Google Delivered With Enhanced Campaigns.
  3. Richards Group. Based in Dallas, the Richards Group has a staff of more than 650 and annual billings in excess of $1 billion. They also maintain a blog with regular articles from principals and other employees at the agency. Awesome recent article: The Growth of Screens.
  4. DRAFTFCBlog. This blog is maintained by the employees of one of the world’s largest ad agencies, who post about the creative they’re developing, general strategy, and thoughts on technology. (There are also a number of employee blogs hosted here that are worth checking out.) Awesome recent article: Loving What You Do and Doing It Better…My Open Source Story.
  5. The Marketing Arm Blog. Described as a “next generation promotion agency,” the Marketing Arm has experience in the entertainment and sports industry. They also host a daily “Twitterview” that is often pretty interesting. Awesome recent article12 Examples of Vine In Action.
  6. Emerging Experiences. The official Razorfish blog has lots of inside scoops on some of the most creative ad campaigns out there. Awesome recent article: We’re Building the Future of Retail (and It’s Kind of Messy).
  7. Ad Majorem. This is one of the aforementioned employee blogs, in this case maintained by Steve Schildwachter. Steve posts regularly with some pretty candid thoughts on the challenges and excitement of life from within a big ad agency. Awesome recent article: Super Bowl Advertising: What Worked.
  8. Hill Holiday. This 800+ employee ad agency has offices in New York, Boston, South Carolina, and Miami. Awesome Recent Article: Angry Birds Toons Expands the Definition of “TV”.
  9. Wieden + Kennedy. With offices on multiple continents, this agency’s blog includes posts from employees in Shanghai, Tokyo, Delhi, London, Amsterdam, and the U.S. Awesome recent article: Behind The Scenes of the Oreo Instagram Super Bowl Execution.
  10. Mullen. One of the largest ad agencies in the world, Mullen maintains a blog with analysis and opinion articles, highlights of their work, and more. Awesome recent article: What the New Facebook News Feed Means for Brands.
  11. Acquity Group Blog. Working where IT and marketing meet, the Acquity Group also runs a blog that features some cool infographics and insights on new technologies. Awesome recent article: B2B. Yeah, you (should) know me (Infographic).
  12. 360i Blog. This top tier agency offers just about every service possible, including search and social marketing, media planning and buying, and of course creative. The blog features some great video content, along with case studies and analysis on current trends. Awesome recent article: What is the Biggest Disruptor of the Past Decade?
  13. Mindshare. This agency maintains three blogs–including two in English: Brand Media Strategy and the Scout Network Blog. Awesome recent article: Big Data Promotes A Culture of Data-Informed Decision Making and Adaptive Marketing.
  14. The CDM New Yorker. This is the blog of Cline Davis & Mann, a full service agency based in Manhattan. The recently revamped blog includes commentary on “hoity toity” trends like the pharma industry and developments in electronic media, as well as spotlights on some of the firm’s employees. Awesome recent article: The Silver Project.
  15. Voice of Engagement. This blog comes from one of the world’s biggest engagement marketing agencies, GMR Marketing. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin, but has offices around the globe. Awesome recent article: Savoir Adore on Brands and Doing What You Love.
  16. JWT Blog. One of the largest ad agencies in the world, JWT hosts a blog with lots of commentary and updates from industry events, as well as original analysis and insights. Awesome recent article: Getting Ready for Agile Marketing.
  17. CE Blog. Campbell Ewald is a full service agency with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. Clients include AT&T, Ghirardelli, and the U.S. Postal Service. Awesome recent article: Where in the World Is Matt Lauer? He’s Under the Sink.
  18. Jack 101. Jack Morton is a global brand experience agency (locations include Dubai, Sydney and Hong Kong) that has done work for Walmart, Nike, and the FIFA World Cup. Awesome recent article: 6 People at SXSW.
  19. Merkle Blogs. Merkle is a customer relationship marketing agency that maintains a full suite of blogs, including The Model Analyst (focused on analytics) and Mobile IQ (focused on mobile strategies) Awesome recent article: What’s Wrong With Big Data?
  20. Core + Construct. This blog is maintained by McGarry Bowen, an ad agency whose clients include Marriott, JP Morgan, Kraft, and Chase. Awesome recent article: An Experiment in Dynamic Branding.

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Boutique Agency Blogs

The big dogs of the advertising world aren’t the only ones with valuable ideas and insights into the evolving ad world; plenty of smaller shops have taken to blogging as a way to engage with potential clients and contribute to the discussion. Below are a handful of excellent blogs from small and medium-sized agencies across the country:

  1. Beyond Traditional. This Seattle-based agency seeks to create experiences that connect consumers “both tangibly & digitally.” Clients include Duvel, Yahoo!, and Aveeno. Awesome recent article: Guerilla Marketing Fails and Four Ways To Avoid Them.
  2. Bynd Blog. Beyond is a next generation creative agency with a focus on analytics, acquisition, and engagement. Clients include YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Awesome recent article: Providing A Social Psych Perspective To Internet Trolling.
  3. wehaveablog. The team at AMP most definitely has a blog, and they use it to share thoughts on measuring ad campaign success, branding initiatives, and the ad industry in general. Awesome recent article8 Reasons Why Google Authorship is Important to Your Brand.
  4. J+B Blog. The official blog of Jeely + Bleiler, an agency located in Atlanta. J + B clients include Amtrak, Blue Cross, Best Buy, and Blimpie. Awesome recent article: 5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy.
  5. Almanac. The blog of The Branding Farm, based in Venice, CA, shares lessons learned from the campaigns put together by the agency. Awesome recent article: Magic Mike Reveals Magic of Rich Media Sharing.
  6. Storyati. This is the blog of Chicago-based eswStoryLab, an agency that specializes in the area of StoryBranding. (Check out a free chapter from their book on that concept.) Awesome recent article: Brand Storytelling and the Hero of Your Brand.
  7. Mixed Nuts. This is the blog of Marketing Support, Inc., an agency that offers PR, sales promotion, and social media services. Their clients include Unilever, Best Buy, Sears, and Kmart. Awesome recent article: Pretenders!
  8. Our Space. From The San Jose Group, an agency in Chicago focusing on public relations and marketing services. Clients include the Chicago White Sox, American Family Insurance, and the American Cancer Society. Awesome recent article: Celebrities and Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
  9. RK Connect. The blog of Rhea + Kaiser, a full service ad firm located just outside of Chicago. Clients include Bayer, DePaul University, and Novus. Awesome recent article: A Reminder: Client Service Is An Art.
  10. Ocean Media Blog. The blog of media agency Ocean Media features regular chats with employees sharing their thoughts and insights on the advertising agency in general and any innovative ideas they’re seeing. Awesome recent article: A Chat With Mike Robertson.
  11. Sagon Phior Blog. This LA-based agency maintains a blog with thoughts on digital marketing, branding, and emerging media. Clients include Madison Square Garden, Microsoft, and the American Heart Association. Awesome recent article: How Love Is Going Digital.
  12. BrandAids. The blog of Killian Branding is a great source of ideas on branding initiatives, including commentary on success stories and branding gone bad. Clients include EuroFurniture, InOut Labs, and Image.com. Awesome recent article: Your strength is in customer service? (Sorry.)
  13. Plan B. This shop, inspired by the frustrations often encountered at big agencies, strives to sync earned, owned, and paid media initiatives. Clients include Jaguar, ConAgra Foods, and Sprint. Awesome recent article: Any of the Top 11 Lists are worth a read.
  14. WCG Common Sense. This is the blog of WCG, an independent strategic communications firm headquartered in San Francisco. Clients include HP, Red Bull, Intel, and Rubbermaid. Awesome recent article: The Power of “3 and 3”.
  15. Be Almighty.  This Boston-based agency has worked on campaigns for ESPN, New Balance, and LL Bean. Awesome recent article: Bringing the Country Together, One Tweet At a Time.
  16. Millennium Integrated Marketing. The “brand champions” at Millennium maintain a blog that features commentary on both traditional and innovative tactics for building and measuring brand strength. Awesome recent article: Geo-Social Marketing: Building Brands and Boosting Sales.
  17. Lunchmeat Underpants. The official blog of Denver-based Sukle Advertising & Design is pretty darn entertaining; a lot of the content features videos and images, with some insights about the ad industry sprinkled in. Awesome recent article: Caine’s Arcade.
  18. MDG Blog. The official blog of Florida-based MDG Advertising is updated several times a week with thoughts on new ad campaigns, mobile innovations, and the ongoing evolution of social media’s place in marketing. Awesome recent article: New Yahoo Homepage Goes Social.
  19. Inside Rizen Creative. This blog is home to weekly insights, thoughts, and ideas from Rizen Creative, a Boise-based agency. Clients include the Idaho Wine Commission and Boise State Public Radio. Awesome recent article: Black and White Photography Anyone?
  20. DGWB Blog. Based in Santa Ana, California, DGWB offers advertising, promotion, PR, media planning, and web design services. Clients include Dole, Toshiba, and Hilton Garden Inn. Awesome recent article: For Your Viewing Pleasure, the Women’s Super Bowl.
  21. Evok Advertising Blog. Evok has offices in Orlando, Memphis, and Los Angeles, and a client roster that includes Coca-Cola, Cox Communications, and Kenwood Electronics. Awesome recent article: Typography: A Vital Component in the World of Advertising.
  22. Creative Department Blog. This agency is based in Cincinnati, with a focus on “brand mastery” and “brand connection” strategies. Clients include Proctor & Gamble, Macy’s, and Mercy Health. Awesome recent article: OFFF Cincinnati was ONNN.
  23. Connelly Partners Blog. This Boston agency has done work for Samsonite, the Massachusetts State Lottery, and the New England Aquarium. Awesome recent article: What kind of a label reader are you?
  24. MARC USA. This blog comes from an agency in Pittsburgh that focuses on advertising research consulting. MARC’s clients include True Value and the American Heart Association. Awesome recent article: Why Apple’s New Passbook is a Game-Changer.

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PR Agency Blogs

Public relations and advertising have become increasingly connected in recent years, as campaign deliverables and targets have changed and companies now strive to achieve deeper engagements with their customer base. Below are a few PR agencies that post regularly on the challenges their clients face and how they navigate an increasingly social and wired world:

  1. Ketchum. One of the biggest PR companies in the world, Ketchum maintains a blog with insightful posts on driving customer interaction and branding strategies. Awesome recent article: Bullet Train: Social and Digital Adoption in China.
  2. Waggener Edstrom. This Seattle-based agency is often associated with its largest client, Microsoft. But they have experience in many industries, and a lot more to offer on their blogs. Awesome recent articleWhat Justin Timberlake Can Teach Brands About Social.
  3. Point of View. This blog, maintained by Fleishman Hilliard, includes thought pieces, articles, and webinars in addition to traditional blog pieces. Awesome recent article: Real Time Marketing and Analysis, All in a Black Box.
  4. Porter Novelli Blog. Part of Omnicom Group, Porter Novelli originally served social causes and non-profit organizations. (The agency’s founders worked together to market the Peace Corps.) Today, the company focuses on crisis management and corporate affairs services. Awesome recent article: Contagions: Why Do Things Catch On?

Industry Blogs

To wrap up the list, we’ll highlight a couple of industry blogs; these aren’t associated with any particular agency, but offer some great insights into the world of advertising:

  1. Beyond Madison Avenue. TalentZoo’s blog is updated regularly with thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in today’s advertising industry. Awesome recent article: Where the mAD Women At?
  2. AdExchanger. This blog covers all aspects of the digital advertising world, including the latest technological developments, the impact of social media, and much more. (They also have a jobs board for those looking to get into the industry.) Awesome recent article: Ranting On The Ad Tech Future.

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