Evolve Media Bankruptcy Concerns

Amongst the recent concerns and speculations of Evolve Media’s financial health, we have undergone a thorough investigation to gauge the risk of the rumors of Evolve Media bankruptcy. As an obligation to our publisher readers, we must report on any ad network risks if we come across such information. We received several claims of many […]

Ad.Style Review – Make Money On Your Website

Ad.Style is a native advertising network. Their system was developed using the latest and most effective ways of providing the leading, life-changing click fraud solution to assure and give clients the effective and highest quality traffic service in the market. They are a platform which offers the publisher an easier approach in making new ways […]

Publishers: Take Your Programmatic Strategy To The Next Level With These Tactics

If you are unfamiliar with the term “programmatic,” in relation to advertising, it is a relatively new concept that is used to describe the use of software or other automated processes in the buying and selling of digital media. In the not too distant past, the normal way in which digital advertising would typically be […]

Which Ad Networks Will Go Bankrupt Next

2016 has been a crazy year with the growth of header bidding, ad block usage and the drop in Google’s share of publishers’ ad inventories. Things have definitely been shaken up last year and as a result two major bankruptcies have occurred. While Say Media technically isn’t bankrupt, they seem pretty close according to many […]

The Ultimate Guide to Ad Unit Implementation

This post will cover ways to best implement ads, focusing on a review of banner blindness and strategies that can be used to overcome it.

How to Maximize Ad Revenue with Google DFP

Maximize Ad Revenue with Google DFP – Online Course Benjamin Ronnenberg has created a super in-depth online course on this that you will find extremely helpful. If you’re serious about your business and DFP, I recommend checking it out below! Get Started! In order to maximize revenue from display advertising, the best thing you can […]

Best Ad Serving Platforms: DFP vs OpenX vs Others

Try an Ad Network Instead!​ Selling display advertising on your own is often difficult and makes you less money than you could be making with an ad network. ​ Click the button below and find the best ad network for your needs – save time, make more money!​ Find the Best Ad Network! Last updated: August 1st, 2016 […]

How To Make Money With Pop-Up Ads

For websites that rely primarily on display advertising to generate revenue, there are a number of opportunities to squeeze a bit more juice out of existing traffic. We’ve covered a number of these topics previously, including link units, sponsored CAPTCHA, and affiliate marketing. This article explores another option that has been proven to add to […]

Top 5 Ad Networks to Use With Google AdSense

For many websites that are monetized at least partially via display advertising, Google’s AdSense is often the primary solution used. AdSense is so popular because it’s generally the best option out there for bloggers and publishers; it offers the deepest roster of advertisers, first-class technology, and usually RPMs that beat any other network. If AdSense has […]

The Ultimate Guide to Recommended / Sponsored Content (Taboola, Outbrain, etc.)

Though traditional banner advertising still accounts for a significant portion of the digital advertising industry, non-traditional alternatives continue to pop up and gain traction with both large publishers and smaller bloggers. Most of these newer opportunities don’t aim to replace traditional display advertising, but rather to supplement the primary income stream with smaller payouts that […]

How to Place Banners on Your Site: 11 Proven Layouts

For publishers and bloggers hoping to monetize their traffic primarily through display advertising, the layout of a website becomes a very important strategic decision. In addition to deciding which ad units to use, you’ll need to figure out where each should be positioned in order to maximize revenue without annoying visitors or detracting from the […]