Free Guides

The following guides are available for free to all MonetizePros readers.

  • How to Create a Blog. Learning how to start your blog can be an overwhelming task if you don’t have the proper guidance and resources available. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, which is why we decided to put together our definitive 10-step guide explaining how to create a blog the correct — and simple way.
  • 101 Ways to Make More Money with AdSense. Display advertising is the primary monetization strategy for many online entrepreneurs in 2014, in part because there are extremely low barriers to entry (both technical and otherwise). While some larger Web properties have entire sales teams dedicated to selling ad inventory directly, smaller sites tend to rely on ad networks to provide the demand. More often than not, that involves using Google’s AdSense platform.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with YouTube & Web Video. Web videos aren’t simply an entertaining hobby. They’re big business, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year and making new millionaires of video stars each year. The following list of 125 tips and resources will give you the tools you need to start creating and monetizing Web videos in your niche.
  • Guide to Affiliate Marketing. This guide covers affiliate marketing, including an introduction to this monetization technique, a review of the most popular implementations of affiliate marketing, and highlights of the top affiliate ad networks.
  • Guide to Lead Generation. This guide covers lead generation, including techniques for improving capture rate, implementing effective co-registration strategies, and an overview of the various networks out there.
  • Guide to Display Advertising. This guide covers tips on how to make more money with Google AdSense, experiments to implement to boost revenues, and also takes a look at some non-traditional AdSense creatives designed to squeeze out more revenue.
  • Guide to Email Monetization. This guide outlines strategies for monetizing email addresses, including sponsored emails, an intro to co-registration, and reviews of email ad networks.
  • Guide to Google AdSense & Ad Networks. This guide covers the basics of ad networks, including strategies for boosting earnings and running effective experiments. We’ll touch on a number of the large ad networks, but focus on the dominant player: Google AdSense.
  • Guide to Mobile Monetization. This guide covers the various ways to monetize mobile traffic, including a discussion of iPhone and Android apps (and whether you should even bother building an app).
  • Guide to Video Monetization. This guide highlights various aspects of video monetization strategies, focusing on YouTube but also highlighting several other avenues.
  • Guide to Ad Sales. This guide covers the basics of selling advertisements directly, allowing publishers to cut out ad networks and maximize the amount of revenue they take home.
  • Guide to Subscription Revenue. This guide covers all aspects of building a paid membership product. In it, we’ll cover everything from building your product to accepting payments to starting with the actual promotion.
  • Guide to Ad Serving & Optimization. This guide will cover ways to optimize the ad serving process, including suggestions for delivering the best possible performance for your advertisers and avoiding costly page load errors.