5 Symptoms That An Ad Network Is Going Out Of Business

With all the excitement on our original post about the next ad network to most likely go bankrupt, we decided to follow this up with a post to help you diagnose whether an ad network is about to go out of business. We know how painful it is to lose a huge sum of unpaid […]

Which Ad Networks Will Go Bankrupt Next

2016 has been a crazy year with the growth of header bidding, ad block usage and the drop in Google’s share of publishers’ ad inventories. Things have definitely been shaken up last year and as a result two major bankruptcies have occurred. While Say Media technically isn’t bankrupt, they seem pretty close according to many […]

Retargeting Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Traditional web marketing is all about drawing people towards your product. You make yourself known to your customer through banner ads, sponsored content, guest blogs and so on. Ideally, your marketing efforts will bring visitors to your website. But that’s not the end of your marketing efforts. Once a visitor leaves your site, you can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Display Advertising

This guide covers display advertising, including different pricing models and ad units.

3 Creative Affiliate Marketing Implementations

When affiliate marketing is discussed as a web monetization strategy, it is typically considered as the primary means of generating revenue from traffic. There are thousands of sites out there that have been set up with the single goal of sending referrals to third party vendors, and generating revenue through affiliate relationships. Affiliate marketing can, […]

How to Better Monetize Leaderboard Ads

For sites that monetize their traffic primarily through display advertising, there are a handful of factors that will impact the efficiency of this strategy and the RPMs realized: Positioning of ads Styling of ads Relevancy of ads This article will focus on #1 above. Specifically, we’ll discuss optimal strategies regarding the 728×90 leaderboard ad unit that […]

11 Sites That Effectively Use In-Content Ads

The keys to an effective display ad strategy is pretty straightforward: Position your ads in places where visitors are likely to notice them; and Style your ads in a way that visitors are most likely to engage with them. One of the effective ways to accomplish the first bullet above is to insert ads into sections […]

Link Units: 8 Examples of Profitable Implementations

Link units are a seldom-used weapon in the display advertising arsenal, representing one of the most effective ways for sites to improve overall monetization with minimal effort. If you’re not familiar with link units, we have a detailed tutorial that explains the ins-and-outs of these ad units. If you understand the mechanics but are looking for […]

4 Easy Ways to Improve AdSense Performance

Most sites are missing out on additional revenue as a result of sub-optimal display ad strategies. The good news is that there are a number of relatively easy changes that can be made to start earning more. Below are four ideas for ways to improve AdSense earnings, along with examples of these ideas in action on live […]

Three Lessons From Our Ad Network Experiment

In an effort to provide the MonetizePros community with concrete and actionable advice, we’ve begun running a number of experiments on our own site. Initially, we’re focusing on different ad networks in an effort to come up with the partners and implementations that maximize revenue. For this experiment, we tried out three ad networks with […]

How to Get Better CPMs: Display Ad Case Study

We’ve written quite a bit over the past several months about effective display advertising strategies. Today, we’re looking at some real-life examples of these strategies in action by examining a page on eHow.com. Note that the site’s home page is completely devoid of ads; there’s no attempt to monetize whatsoever. The primary goal of that […]