Shorten URLs and Get Paid – Our Review, in a nutshell, is an URL shortener company that pays you for clicks. It shortens your URL’s and places a intermediary “continue” button which has to be clicked to reach the target site. Continue Reading

Top 10 Digital Conferences Every Website Owner Should Attend in 2016

If you’re planning on staying ahead of the digital marketing curve with your website, conferences are the way to go. At conferences you’re exposed to many products, ideas, and experts at the same time. Here’s our list of the 10 digital conferences ever website owner should attend.

Create Infographics Using These Top 5 Online Tools

Infographics are a great way to express complex data, information, knowledge, and relationships in an easy-to-see format. When looking for engaging blog post ideas, infographics are always a great way to make your blog posts more visual. The graphics leverage the human visual system’s ability to identify trends and patterns, and they’re great to use in your […]

How To Choose A Domain Name: Label Yourself

Picking the right domain name is important to any business, blog, or enterprising project as a tremendous amount of commerce is now web based. A domain name can fall flat for any number of reasons, so knowing how to choose a domain name is an important part of any business plan that should be considered […]

The Best Online Accounting Software for Small Business Needs

When it comes to your business, you’re the expert. But there are many aspects of running a small business that have nothing to do with the product or service you provide. For many business owners, one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of running a small business is accounting. If accounting is not your […]

6 WordPress Plugins to Make Money With Online Courses

There was a time when academics and people of standing sneered at online courses. Not even ten years ago, when you thought about online courses, you immediately thought about dodgy internet degrees from exotic places that you had never heard of. The humble online course has evolved considerably from those times, however, and is now […]

How to Make Money Travel Blogging

Have you ever dreamed of packing your bags, quitting your 9-5 job and setting off on an adventure of a lifetime travelling the world? Well, for many of the 25 travel bloggers that we interviewed for this post, that dream is a reality! Luckily for you, they have decided to blog about it every step of […]

How to do Keyword Research in 10 Easy Steps

If you own a website, your goal is to attract visitors and build an audience. There are millions of websites out there, and the chances are someone is selling or promoting the same products, services or ideas as you. It can be hard to attract customers to your website when there is so much competition. […]

How to Make a Website: The Definitive 10 Step Guide

Learning how to make a website can be an overwhelming task if you don’t have the proper guidance and resources available. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, which is why we decided to put together our definitive 10-step guide explaining how to create a website the correct — and simple way. Many […]

25 Ways to Attract Your First Website Visitors For Free

So, you just made your first website and now you want to attract your first visitors. Lack of traffic is the biggest reason that blogs and websites fail. You want to create something people will read! We wanted to put together a resource of traffic generation strategies that are simple to implement and can help you […]

How To Track Visitors To Your Website: Google Analytics Explained

Understanding how to track visitors to your website is essential in order to retain and convert these visitors into leads, sales, and repeat visitors. There are several ways that you can track visitors and analyze their behavior on your website, but we are going to discuss and focus on the easiest, and most insightful platform […]