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The Internet Marketers 10 Best Tools For 2019

Our mission for MonetizePros has always been to build the web's premier resource to help you make more money for your traffic.

We are continually investing in ways to help you achieve your success, so we put together 10 best Internet Marketing Tools we use daily.  

Wponlinesupport are some one of the best WordPress plugins in the market. They make very fast loading themes, with dozens of their own proprietary plugins to work with their own all fo the top builder including Divi, Thrive, Elementor, and more. 

Plugins Bundle

We have a special offer for the Essentials Bundles pack, with 37+ plugins and everything below for only $112.50. This is 50% off what they have on their website, so you can only get this deal from my link below. It also includes Lifetime membership additional plugins and themes including:

  • Inbound WP-  Including all 6 modules with spin a wheel, social proof, and popups. 
  • Multipurpose Dashboard Plugin and Powerpack Security.
  • SliderPack -  10+ different Carousels and 20+ Custom Designs
  • + 1 Month Maintenance (for help with anything)

For additional customization and work they bill at only $20 / hour. This means that any time you want to get any WordPress word done, you have the best team on standby to utilize them when you want. They do a lot more then just build amazing plugins.

Systeme.Io is one of the simplest tools I have ever used, and is as powerful as Click funnels but much cheaper and easy to use. For those of us in lead generation (which should be all of us) it is your all-in-one solution for all of your marketing software. 

Systeme.io Home

All of their plans starts at just $27 / month, but most entrepreneurs will never go above their $47 / month plan. This includes 5 membership sites, unlimited emails, 2 custom domains and up to 10,000 email subscribers. Most of us pay even more for email marketing let alone:

  • Build entire sales funnels
  • Run evergreen webinars
  • Host membership sites
  • Run your affiliate program
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Sell physical products
  • + so much more! 
  • While email open rates are declining, Facebook messenger messages are receiving 70-80% open rates, with the majority of engagement happening within the first hour. Chatbots are so interactive, that you are able to leverage that initial connection and guide them through your funnel. 

    I predict that this will be THE BIGGEST Improvement on 2019 as marketers and business owners rush into this area before it becomes saturated.

    Manychat Sequence

    From one of our clients Amazon stores, we were able to give away coupons (through messages) and follow up with with additional promos while generating reviews.

    It was so successful that we now have Integrated into MonetizePros for all customer responses. You can see and interact with the Manychat to the right (or below if mobile) and test it for yourself. 

    ManagedWP is truly a better way to monitor and manage your WordPress websites from one dashboard. Nothing changes with your hosting, but by installing a quick plugin you can automate most of your WordPress tasks with backups and plugin updates within minutes. 

    For anyone with developers working, it is very easy to revert back to specific dates, and also auto updates WordPress plugins and Spam Comments. It connects instantly with a WordPress plugins. For less than $5 per month I get automatic backups and a WordPress control center.  Test out the performance and FREE trial with ManageWP

    Most hosting providers don't keep reliable backups.  The host I like best for reliable backups is WPengine.


    I recently switched over from WPengine to Digital Ocean. Both are great hosting companies, but Digital Ocean provided faster hosting on multiple tests at a fraction of the price. This is performance hosting, and is more difficult to setup, but since changing have experienced ZERO downtime. Try it free with a $100 Coupon to see how much it improves your site speed without spending anything. 

    Digital Hosting

    However, just to be clear that this is enterprise hosting and a far more complicated setup. This requires (as you can see from the picture) 

    Click here for the BEST & CHEAPEST Hosting for $3 / Month & 99.9% Guaranteed Up-time 

    Want to see how easy their conversion focused themes are to edit? This is why I changed our theme over to use Thrive ourselves. You can easily control all the additional style layouts, performance features, moderate comments, blog controls, or decide which related posts show up where. 


    The feature within Thrives I like is the Leads box. This has the ability to show up where you want, set to different pages. On top of this, everything included for $220 has the best conversion focused plugins included.

    We also have another blog with full review you can read here.


    If you have affiliate links on your site, this is a must-have plugin. It makes managing links so much easier, especially if you want to update a link without changing it on every single page. Thirsty Affiiliate can then automatically scan your website and replace words in your website with affiliate links. 

    My SEO ninjas in the house certainly know about Ninja Outreach. It is the most efficient why to automate the identifying & prospecting leads and prospecting influencers for guest post and leads. Just type your keywords to access millions of profiles and their email addresses in our massive influencer database. It is INCREDIBLE!

    Ninja Outreach UI

    SEMrush is one of the best all in one tool for agencies and freelancer managing clients. It provides all competitive intelligence for SEO, PPC, Video, and Online Marketing.

    Have you analyzed your content strategy?

    Start by typing a competitors website into the search and watch as it analyzes the competition creating a linking strategy.


    For those looking to start an eCommerce store with multiple Shopify is by far your best solution! Everything is displayed in one simple dashboard showing your oders, shiopping, payment and everything you need. They also have a large marketplace of 3200+ apps with different 3rd party solutions. 

    Don't have a product yet? No worries! Shopify integrates with Oberlo, Spocket, Custom Cat and many other 3rd party suppliers who will take care of all that for you. Read more about what Shopify can do or signup for their 2 week trial below. 

    Most businesses do not know that there are tools that automatically calculate keyword competitiveness so you know how easy (or hard) it will be to rank for a term in Google. You do not want to waste time writing blogs or writing product descriptions for something that you have no chance of ranking for. 


    If you are a data-driven entrepreneur, that wants to view domain statistics to pick the best keyword for your site, then I think it is important. If you do not want to waste time writing a blog that you do not have a chance to rank for, or has very low search volume, then I think it is very important. 

    Analyzing your competitors can be beneficial in a few ways, but particularly for determining the most profitable keywords. You can use tools such as Junglescout test the keywords you have identified through keyword research and work out which are likely to bring in the most leads, and to be most profitable. 


    The data provided in these tools should be taken with a grain of salt, but they do give you an idea of estimated revenue and monthly sales for each keyword. This is great for competitor analytics, finding new trends, and can save you thousands from investing in a business you have no chance of ranking for. Make sure read up on the full Jungle Scout Review or click below for 50% off the first month. 

    Final Thoughts

    As a growth hacker with many websites, I admit that I do need more tools and systems to most. In fact, I use quite a few other systems 🙂

    However, for most website owners you will want to start off by using at least these 4 different tools listed below. 

    A. Landing Page + Course Builder Software - 2 WEEKS FREE with Systeme

    B. Link Tracking & Affiliate Marketing - 30 Day Free with Thirsty Affiliate

    C. Most Affordable & Elusive Hosting Offer ($3/ Month) with Bluehost 

    D. Drag & Drop WordPress Builders - Let your site Thrive 

    E. Best eCommerce Website + Apps - 2 Weeks Free Shopify

    F.  The Only Way To DO Keyword Research (30% off) LongtailPro 

    G. Appsumo - The BEST Deals on the top tools you need (90% off)  Appsumo