Why Implement DFP?

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is the most popular and effective ad server for publishers that earn from display ads. Any publisher that is serious about increasing their programmatic ad revenues, should look no further than DFP. There are other options, but truthfully no ad server comes close to the performance and features of DFP. Plus, DFP is free for the first 90M ad impressions.

sample ui of dfp in mobile and desktop view

You can get a good idea of the vast number of features and benefits DFP offers via this link, or the video below:

DFP offers the following benefits for your publisher network.

    • Ability to create an auction within your ad inventory

    • Diversify your ad revenues to decrease risk

    • Increase the security of your ad inventory

    • Receive holistic real-time stats

    • Run direct sales and programmatic ads in the same ad placements

    • Integrate AdSense or Ad Exchange on dynamic allocation

    • Enable a header bidding setup

    • Ability to adjust campaigns in seconds within an interface

    • Optimize your ad inventory with a full suite of stats and tools

    • Free up to 90M non-Google ad impressions

DFP works great for uploading web ads into our system to run for our clients. It's very easy to upload creatives, get reports, and start or stop another creative. I feel like anyone could use this system and it's very user friendly. I've noticed there have been updates to the sytem as well and I've been very happy with it.

Alisha F. 

I like how this platform has everything a digital publisher needs. It allows me to manage and deliver many facets of advertising such as web, mobile, and video advertising. In addition, the simplicity of the UI/UX makes it super fast and easy to navigate and use this for inputting and controlling advertisements. It is super easy to use and not much training is required. Moreover, the revenue optimization option ensures me the thought that I'm maximizing revenue. We recently took our ad server which was previously .05/CPM and made it free for up to 100M impressions a month. The Dynamic Allocation allow remnants to compete with direct for every impression in Real-Time. Last but not least, it is very reliable and never fails!

Ethan C.
Website Owner

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step to get more ad revenues from your website.


Implementing DFP is the first big step towards increasing your ad revenues, however, an unoptimal setup could decrease your ad revenues as well. It is crucial to get it right the first time! It is best to trust the monetization pros with such a complex and customized setup. Like many publishers, your ad revenue are your life line. That’s why it’s best to trust the professionals with such a delicate setup.