• How Much Money Should My Website Make?: Use this (whimsical) tool to estimate how much revenue your publisher or eCommerce website should earn. Note: this tool is intended “for fun” only!
  • Model & Template Library: These monetization-related models and templates are meant to make your life easier; for each document, you can edit the existing ‘sample’ we’ve created, rather than beginning from scratch. Includes the Media Kit Template [PowerPoint-style]Spec Sheet Template, and Subscription Revenue Forecasting Model [spreadsheet].
  • Sample Media Kit Template: Showcase your website audience and available ad placements to potential advertisers by editing this sample media kit for use on your own website.
  • AdSense Optimization Checklist: The Advanced version of this tool provides you with succinct, easy advice to implement each of the tactical AdSense recommendations.
  • CPM Rate Guide: The Advanced version of our CPM Rate Guide provides you with in-depth analysis of advertising rates across all major digital marketing channels.
  • Media Kit Generator: You can create a bespoke media kit and download and edit it in the file format of your choice with the Advanced Media Kit Generator. The tool works the same way as the normal Media Kit Generator, but allows you to export the finished media kit in your choice of several formats (the free version of the tool only outputs an HTML version).
  • Programmatic Strategy Review For PublishersMonetizePros is now offering programmatic strategy reviews for publishers that could earn more from their traffic.