CPM Rate Guide

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MonetizePros aggregates information about the average CPM rates across various mediums including traditional display (i.e., banner ads), email ads, mobile ads, and video ads.

The CPMs realized by publishers can vary significantly; it is not uncommon for a publisher catering to a valuable and targeted audience to realized a revenue per thousand impressions that is 20x or more higher than those realized by sites with more generic and less desirable audiences. While the exact experience of a publisher depends on a number of different factors, it is still useful to have a reference benchmark.

You can view in depth information about the average rates achieved through each medium on individual pages.

Ad Type Average CPM Verified Data Points
Display Ads $2.80 4
Email Ads $5.00 [a] 3
Mobile Ads Various [b] 8
Video Ads $3.00 8
[a] Reflects an estimated banner ad CPM for sent emails.
[b] This guide contains multiple data points, including averages for iOS, Android, Interstitials, and Banner Ads

In addition to the simple averages, each individual CPM rate guide contains:

  • Education of general trends and nuances of generating revenue through each medium
  • Commentary on the role of networks and impact on bottom line revenue to publishers
  • Details of and links to each data point included in the analysis

To view the details of each CPM rate guide, click on the links in the table above.