admitad Review for Publishers


When it comes to online marketing, there is an option to use traditional methods of advertising such as ads and banners or use more modern ways.  Affiliate marketing is a more adaptive way to sell goods.  Founded in 2009, admitad  works with this technique. admitad worked its full system by March 2010 and is now considered as one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing organizations worldwide.

In fact, the company aims to develop its market base and produce more output that will benefit its advertisers and publishers.  Modern advertisers prefer the latest use of the affiliate marketing strategies such as those present in admitad.  As a matter of fact, an increase in the percentage of the commissions for the advertisers has been noted.

admitad aims to increase its presence in the market.  With seven offices located in strategic areas globally, it has offered a variety of rewards to its advertisers and publishers.  These perks include output payments on a weekly basis and more adaptable and user-friendly tools.

Noticeably, among the first things that make admitad a must-have are the following:

  1. Easy to set up and sign up formats. Technically, among the details requested are just the basics. For beginners in the affiliate marketing programs, this is a quick and easy way to get the promotions for the products started.
  1. The availability of a mobile app that is easily downloadable online. This ensures that even in the mobile phones, you are able to access the account and review the movements of your marketing strategy.
  1. Five accounts can be connected to the mobile App. This means switching to different accounts with no need to log in or out.
  1. Plus, admitad gives you different packages on promotions as well as daily reports on your accounts.
  1. Customer service support on a 24 hour basis is also a positive note for admitad. Notably, this customer support system is also present in its mobile Applications.  This means even when you are traveling, admitad will be there to assist you in cases of inquiries.


Among the reasons why admitad is making waves in the affiliate marketing network is its promotions for its publishers.  These are the perks that are gained when one makes themselves a part of this network of advertisers.

If you are wondering you may not have a chance with this promotion, then you should have second thoughts.  Why?  admitad classifies their publishers into different categories based on their performance and buying levels.  This means newbies will be categorized together while those who are on the professional levels will be pooled in.

Points will be rewarded for every dollar earned.  Please note, though, that only upon the date that the publisher registered for the contest points will be added up.  Hence, any dollars earned prior to joining will not be considered, even if the Hot Summer Rally started on the 15th of June.

Also note, each class will have a different reward prize.  Hence, the more sales the publisher earns, the higher they will move up on the class and will make them have a better chance at winning bigger prizes.  Monetary rewards range from $1,000 to $ 5,000 per week until the promotion ends.


The China Market Opening

Most of the affiliate marketing networks in the Internet today focus mostly on the European and American markets.  Essentially, as an online marketing platform, it should be a global perspective that must be observed and looked into.

China boasts hundred of millions of online users.  This means the marketability of the products that you are selling and offering will have a higher range of being viewed and noticed.  Viral videos often come from China, and using the admitad network of publishers and advertisers could be a great way to become known.

Of course, perks from the Chinese advertisers such as discount coupons and tickets to others offers is another reason why admitad is a top notch platform for affiliate marketing.

The global market for online marketing has grown exponentially over the last five years.  In essence, the Internet is a booming market that is not easily saturated.  admitad has a global presence for publishers, advertisers, and connections.  Using their platform is the ideal option for those who want to boost their sales and increase their profits.


Overall Review and Rating: admitad

Review:  4/5

What we prefer for the Tools: 5/5

Among the best aspects of the admitad affiliate platform is the presence of various tools for the publisher.  Deeplink, coupons and deals, and cart tracking are some of the useful essentials found on the system.  Perhaps the most productive of the tools is the product feed, this is typically the useful tool that allows your products to be more visible.  Catalogues that provides description of your products give the online users more presence with your ads.  In fact, the information of the product is left to be seen by the viewer.

Interface:  5/5

The interface system of the admitad is very user friendly.  The API used by the network is accessible for all networking functions for the publisher.  Plus, you get to create your own statistical analysis of your performance levels that ensures your marketing strategy is working.

Different business models:  5/5

Marketing is typically having the best methods to broadcast the product.  admitad offers a huge variety of different modes for marketing.  This include coupons, cashback rewards, traditional web banner ads, email marketing, and the more popular social media platforms marketing.  The network connections allow the user access to different social media systems that ensures higher presence and visibility. Other business models include:

  • Contextual advertising: Which is the use of targeted market audience for the ads.
  • Price comparison: This allows the publisher to show different prices on different stores.
  • Content programs: Blog marketing is still useful, and admitad still uses this method for ads and online presence.

Technologies Old and New:  3/5

Affiliate marketing is an ever evolving system.  This means that Admitad aims to make use of the old technologies such as CPC or cost-per-click and CPI or cost-per-install.  Models with different pricing methods for publishers and advertisers allow a platform that is growing with the demands of the modern internet user.

Below are the popular technologies used by admitad include:

  • CPA (cost-per-acquisition): This is the most popular being used nowadays. This method uses the payment upon action scheme. Basically, this means advertisers pay for the sale.
  • CPL (cost-per-lead): This has the largest return on investments. Lead is generally finding out the best customer willing to make an action that is usually free.  Demographics and wants of the consumer are provided.

Although the basic technology and affiliate offer categories are offered, the tech and offering does not surpass other affiliate ad networks. It seems to only offer the basic.

Customer Service: 4.5/5

Quick access to the FAQ section gives users answers. Usually, there are basic questions that can be found on this site.  Also noted is the presence of the blog section, which allows publishers and advertisers access to opinions of other users.

They have pretty fast client support through email, phone, and skype.  They have an express contact in their website for faster reply and access.

Publisher Requirements

Publisher terms:

Traffic minimum: None

Publisher language requirement: Mainly English 

Advertisers and Offers

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, CP
Number of Offers : 900+

Payment Frequency: On Demand

Payment Method: (Rating: 5/5)

Payment Methods Available: Bank; PayPal; WebMoney; epayments

Minimum Payout Threshold: 20$


The Pros & Cons: 


  • It has a large number of e-commerce segments.
  • A mobile app that is easily downloadable online.
  • Five accounts can be connected to the mobile app.
  • It gives you an different packages on promotions.
  • Easy to setup and sign-up.
  • A 20$ minimum payout that is fast to reach.
  • Wide arrays of forms of payment (Paypal, e-payments and wire transfers)
  • High technology in terms of security for the publisher. (eg. Anti-fraud system, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, cross-device tracking, in-house platform;
  • It is totally free to join.


  • While there is direct contact and emails, there seems to be a lack of online quick support. admitad must be able to create this online platform where there is immediate contact. 



What are the AdmitAd publisher requirements?

AdmitAd does not have any traffic requirements for publishers to apply, but websites must be approved.  AdmitAd can request data on the traffic sources at anytime. 

What is the AdmitAd commission types for publishers?

AdmitAd gives publishers the option to earn revenue by CPA, CPL, CPS and CP.

What are the AdmitAd payment methods?

Admit ad offers publishers 4 payment methods including wire transfer, paypal, webmoney and epayments.  Wire transfers are available upon request.

What is the AdmitAd minimum payment threshold?

The minimum payment threshold for publisher payments is $20.  

Conclusion (Rating: 4/5):

Taking everything into account, admitad offers different favorable circumstances to both advertisers and publishers. From the specialized side the system makes your life simpler and business more compelling with so many tools such as fraud prevention, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, ad blocks and others. Besides, it offers you an in-house platform with a chance to work with global brands from US, Russia, Western Europe, the UK and India.

admitad proceeds with its developing a worldwide scale and has selective organizations with well-known brands around the world. In addition, admitad's publishers and advertisers have an entrance to a colossal scope of instruments, which help with expanding changes and program execution. admitad utilizes different front line innovations keeping in mind the end goal to help its accomplices to be effective in their advertising efforts.

admitad incorporates organizations from a broad rundown of fragments:

  • Garments and footwear
  • Advanced and family machines
  • Furniture and family unit items
  • Items for kids
  • Sustenance conveyance
  • Brandish
  • Programming
  • Inns and tourism

The time has come to increase present expectations and get the payouts you know you deserve. admitad is open to help you to pick up and grow an effective business!

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