MSGHero Review & How To Use For Facebook Messenger Bots

MSGHero is a Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform that is truly changing the way we communicate & followup with our customers. 

Even though they are a software company, you can tell that MSGHero was created by a experienced team of digital marketers. It is the most user friendly messaging software I have used. 

One of the biggest prices MSGhero has over the Manychat alternatives is that it allows you to send limited messages, to unlimited subscribers for only $97 / month. For those of you planning on building a list of 25,000, 50,0000, or 100,000 subscribers you will save hundreds of dollars using a system that is proven to convert.  

What is MSGHero for FB Messenger? 

MSGHero let's you build a Facebook Messenger list from subscribers that interact with your bot. Many of the largest eCommerce brands such as Ebay, 1800 Flowers, Starbucks and using bots for their companies. 

With MSGHero you can setup a fully automated responses for lead generation, sales, and customer service. By building up your list of subscribers you can then sell your products and services by sending broadcast messages landing direct in their messenger inbox. 

Think of it as an advanced email marketing program, except having emails list in your promotions tab are sent directly to your Facebook Messenger Inbox. 


1. Signing Up Your MSGHero Account 

You can get started in less then a few hours because no technical or coding skills are required. The team at MSGhero has many of the best training on how to use it, and amazing customer service. They advertise that their average customer response time is 8 minutes, and I believe it. So if you have any questions, email their support and see them jump into action.  

To signup for your free trial just head on over to and signup for one of the 7 day free trials or starter plan. 

If you have any questions on how easy MSGhero really is, we have a short tutorial blow that takes you step by step on how to setup your first campaign.

2. Mapping Out Your Customer Flow

Assuming you did not watch the video above, what are your next steps in mapping out your customer flow? There are many different real world uses for your future chatbot including customer support, webinar reminders, requesting feedback, lead magnets, surveys, coupons, and so much more. 

This is a screenshot from one of the simple campaigns I was setting up for one of my funnels. This is to show you how powerful and intuitive you can make the entire process. You can easily decide when, what, and where to send your customers based on the attributes and tags you create from the customers. 

Flow Builder

3. Creating First Messages (Create)

Once you have decided what and how you are going to use your messenger bot, the next step is to jump in and  start creating your first message. This is done through the "Create" drop down button. 

The MSGHero editor works amazing, and easily drag-and-drop text, images, videos, pdf or lists within your messages. I always try to add at least one emoticon per sentence (or button) because who does not love a smiley face or thumb up ?

MSGHero Creating Message

One you have gotten use to the text editor and the different types of settings you can add, you will notice that there are 4 different messages to "create" inside this column. They are:

Messaging Funnel - The majority of all your messages will be added to this funnel. I use this for the "How To Hire Us" to specific sequences from within my bot. If a client requests "More Info" or "Coupon" it triggers a new flow or set of responses. 

Welcome Message - Your welcome message is pretty self explanation. If someone subscribes or interacts with your bot, and not a part of a specific sequence this will be the "welcome Message". This is where you should introduce yourself and leave a general message that you will get back to them shortly or send them to a link to your website. 

Main Menu - Similar concept to your websites menu where you want to choose your main products or services to be on this page. I typically have a link to my course, a link to my custom services, FAQ, and a contact us button. 

General Response - This is your default message that is sent within a conversation if someone types a message or reply that your bot does not understand. It can send this once every 24 hours. I suggest using this as almost a support with links to your FAQ, unsubscribe, or contact a human. 

4. Creating Lead Magenets (Grow)

Since MSGHGero is a Facebook Messenger Platform, they have a tonne of lead magnets designed to help you get more subscribers. This includes automatic comments, buttons, customer chats (as you see beside or below this), Scan Code (for packing) and JSON code for creating structured Facebook Message. 

The features within these options are extremely customize able from side to delays, and including / excluding advertising to specific audiences. Just click on the "Grow" dropdown and it will let you select one of the different options. 

MSGHero Send To Link

5. Broadcasts & Drips (Engage) 

Under the "engagements" drop-down you will see the options for Broadcast or Time Series. The Broadcasts are used when you have a special promotion, blog, or sale and looking to message out all or specific segments within your list. Time Series is similar to drip marketing that is sent at specific times (1 Hour, 4 Hours, 22 Hours) for example with predefined messages. 

MSGHero Engage

6. Products & Pixels (Tracking) 

One of the best features I have noticed from MSGHero is the level of tracking and analytics they provide within their platform. It allows you to track leads, lifetime value, and ROI from your messenger platform. This is done with a general website pixel code, add to card code, purchase, and lead pixel codes.

MSGHero Products

Once you install your pixels and connect your Google Analytics, you will have access to all the General, Sales, and Product Analytics so you do not have to rely on estimating like other platforms. 


8. Pricing & Plan Selection

One thing I really like about MSGhero is that they are very upfront with their pricing. They only have 3 plans from $9 / month, with their most expensive plan at $97 / month. This is for unlimited subscribers, and will save you hundreds of dollars a month once you hit 30,000+ fans with Manychat or Chatfuel

While most of the other companies offer "Free Plans" they are actually not free. You do not get drip messaging, and none of the forms actually connect forcing you to upgrade. You get everything you need with a Starter Plan, while you setup your campaigns, before needing the 10,000 Premium Plan. 


4.5 / 5 MSGHero Review Rating 

For those of us with 10,000+ subscribers in Messenger, that are looking for a very to easy use system I highly recommend MSGHero. They are constantly adding new features, and have amazing support included with all plans. Their flow editors works fine, but once this gets another upgrade I would change my review to 5 stars. 

If you’ve have been stuck with another platform because you’ve already generated subscribers, that problem is now solved! You can move all those subscribers to MSGHero and take advantage of our industry leading pricing, tracking, and customer service.

We always stay on top of the latest coupons and free trials so make sure to views MSGHERO FREE TRIAL and start building your massive list!

If you are looking for more detailed instructions on doing so, please make sure view out other posts on How To Build A Chatbot & Facebook 24 Hour + 1 Compliance Rules. #happybotting