MobileMonkey Review and 13 Steps To Building Your Messenger Bot

Messenger Marketing is one of the hottest trends right now and is changing the way businesses communicate with clients. Unlike email marketing that is very one sided, messenger creates and automated 2 way conversation with your users. 

Today I am going to take you all through MobileMonkey to review their platform and show you how to setup your own account in just a few hours. These step by step instructions include specific details on what you will need to change. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

MobileMonkey Review For Messenger

If you are looking for a easy to use messenger system, that is far more affordable then most other platforms, then I know you will be happy with MobileMonkey. This is who I use personally for my own campaigns, and why I am recommending it. 

Even though MobileMonkey is a newer company, but was created by legendary internet marketer Larry Kim who recently sold WordStream for 150 + Million and is 100% dedicated to making it the best messenger platform. 

The price for a Pro account for 5000 contacts us only $19 with MobileMonkey versus $49 with Manychat or Chatfuel for the same amount of contacts. Plus its additional 20,000 blocks of contacts are only $19 / each, so you won't have to worry as you grow your subscribers.

1. Determine Best Uses For Your Bot

Even before signing up for MobileMonkey account, the very first thing you need to do is strategize on what you are going to use your chatbot for. A few examples include:

- Ecommerce - Setting up customer support questions and FAQ.
- Amazon - Sending out coupons and follow up for customer reviews. 
- Consultant - Sending out courses and providing faster support 
- Service Based - Sending out quotes and following up via messenger.
- Hotels - Sending booking instructions, receipts, and things to do locally  


2. Defining Your Audience 

Once you have decided on how you are going to use your bot, next is to tailor it towards your target audience. Ask yourself who they are? what do they like to do? where do they like to go? and what is the best medium to reach them?

For instance marketing for a Ferrari dealership is not the same as a marketing agency. Instead of including funny gif's to showcase your talents to focus on opt ins, the Ferrari dealership is more focused on educational and promoting their brand. Those can afford one, know they want one, and it is promoting them on the experience. 

AKA once you discover the solution to the problem you are looking to solve, then create your value proposition around it.

Target Audience

3. Account Setup (Choose Template)

Now that you have decided how you are going to use your bot, and who your going to target, next steps is setting up your MobileMonkey account and choosing a template. They have 12 + Chatbot templates for different industries that you can combine directly in your account. No sense recreating the wheel and creating an entire new sequence yourself, when the team at MobileMonkey has created sequences proven to convert.

Templates MM

4. Customer Response Settings 

After choosing your templates and taking a few minutes to play around with all the different tabs, you will need to start off in your Settings section. Start by editing your Chatbots quick responses, most are already pre-filled as you see below but not every detailed. 

The most important field that you will want to decide where to turn on our off is the Bot Response Settings. You can decide whether or not if you want to turn of user settings, which is a good and bad thing. When I first started using the Chatbot services, I turned this off, but since I have someone managing my messenger contacts all day I leave it on. 

If you don't turn off the bot response settings (or remove default reply) if someone responds with anything (not included in your Q&A's) it will send a generic message providing confusion. We will go over all this later, I leave on default dialog, but you may want to choose the "prevent users from typing from message to your bot." 

Mobile Monkey Settings

5. Mapping Out Your Customer Flow

Your customer flow is designed to replace the traditional face-to-face meetings on your website with an automated and even better process. You can envision if you were the customer and what you would expect for extraordinary service. This includes an appointment reminder, followups, and thank yous. 

This process needs to be studied and perfected, and a few small changes can have a dramatic in conversions. 


6. Bot Builder Pages & FAQ's   

Now that you are ready to start building content, you will do so through the Bot Builder Section. You will notice under here that we have Pages and Faq's, in the first section we will explain pages. 

The Pages section is where you will want to craft our all of your responses for each scenario (aka flow). I have about 60+ different responses in my pages section including:

  • Welcome Series - Your generic first message most people will see interacting with your bot that has not subscribed through a a specific form. 
  • Default Reply - When your bot does not understand what your user has written it will send them a default reply. Make sure it gives option to all services, FAQ, and how to unsubscribe.
  • How To Hire Us - 5 Different pages in the folder, all around different topics to pre-qualify and educate the users. 
  • Our Services - 6 different pages in the folder, all with different services and flows with each to you get to your proper guide. 
  • Unsubscribes - You want to make it easy for customers to both silence you, or re-subscribe again when they want to talk to you. 
  • Website Live Chat Flow - people reading content on your site, need to be treated different then cold traffic. 
  • Coupon Flow - Giving away a coupon and following up afterwards. Works amazing for Amazon Reviews.

As you can see notice the different conversations and user responses you need to create for a profitable customer flow. The way you create them at the beginning, allows for creating templates to duplicate into each situation for different responses. This is crafted well for webinars, appointments, reminders, etc. 

Next is one of the more important areas of the MobileMonkey the Q & A's. This page keeps track of all open questions, so you know that if a pattern of users are writing home, or coupon, or unsubscribe that these "questions: take you to the right "pages" in the customer flow that we listed above. All of these responses are created in the Bot Builder section within MobileMonkey.

Chatbot Responses

7. Marketing Automation & Drips

One of the features that I use the most in Mobile Monkey is the Drip Campaigns & Chat Baster. The Chat Blaster is equivalent to a "broadcast" in email marketing that manually sends out special announcements while the drips are scheduled or action based. 

I like to do drip followups at 1 hour + 22 Hours + 48. This also complies with the 24 Hour + 1 Rule for sending out promotion rules that we explain below. If you are approved for subscription messaging, you can send out unlimited follows up with non promotional products, but for most reading this will not have the approval yet. 

Marketing Automation

8. Forms, Audiences & Tags

It is very important that you segment your list as much as possible, and you can do so on each page and after each form use. For example, the How To Hire Me Flow immediately adds in the Attribution that they were on the "HIREUS" page and once they leave their emails it also tags them as subscribed to our Drip System. 

Facebook allows access to a lot of data and by asking questions to our customers, can fully customize this to only advertise and promote the services and products you know they will want. From gender, to location, to traffic source, occupations, the list goes on. 

9. Connecting With Other Programs

Like almost all other messenger programs, their is no way that MobileMonkey could build integrations with every form of software for clients, so they make it easy accessible through Zapier that connects with everything. I use DRIP email marketing software company, and am able to connect over very easily via the web-hook. 

Drip Connection Zapier

10. Lead Magnets & Promoting 

Everything around MobileMonkey i built for lead generation and Facebook so has all the features that you need. This includes a live chat widget for your website or blog, link to messenger to have throughout your content, a check box to subscribe to messenger below forms, and a button to direct you to messenger. Below is an example of a Button to Messenger or Click Here to see the Link To Messenger.   


11. Facebook Messenger Strategies

Even if you are not a Facebook Ad experts, you will like the design within the Messenger Ads for Lead Magnets that allows you to create the ad that pushes to your Facebook Business Manager. This is how you use the "send To messenger" ads, that when clicked on open up direct to the messaging system. If you have not seen this feature yet, you will notice many different ads popping up real soon. 

Send to message

12. Facebook Messenger Rules 

As most Facebook advertisers will tell you, it is so important to know the terms and conditions policies and keep up to date with them. Even though these email marketing companies allow you to send Chat Blast, or Broadcasts, and setup drips with multiple emails, unless you ave applied and been approved for subscription message, you are NOT allowed to do this. It states it very clear within the Facebook Messenger Guidelines as well as our other blogs. Make sure to read Facebook Guidelines for messengers.

Sponsoured Messaging

13. Split Testing & Conversions 

After launching your campaigns, I can not express how important it is to test every single link. Sometimes you will have left the screen easily saving as a draft, or forget to setup a button to a flow, and need to detect before users sends out. 

You will be able to see al the of data within the audience insights, and make sure to pay attention to every button to see which options are having higher click through rates. If clients are differing away from the main payment source, you will want to as questions why and perhaps over options. the last thing you are going to want is to overcompensate this for your future customers. 

MobileMonkey Review 4.5 / 5 

As I mentioned above, I do use MobileMonkey as a customer and am very happy with them. I have also been happy with some of the Manychat Alternatives but they are quite a bit more costly. However what I do like with Manychat is that they do have a Flow Editor for more complex flows. When MobileMonkey gets this, I will change their review to 5 stars. 

mm pricing

Currently MobileMonkey is having a special for the Pro Plan for ONLY $19 / month for 5000 contacts, with each additional 20,000 contacts each for only $19 additional. For those of us building large lists you will save a lot with their pricing.  

Here is a link to the coupon for MobileMonkey Coupon for $19 / month pricing. 

If you have any questions, opinions, or feedback please leave them below and I PROMISE to answer all questions 🙂   We also have a lot of other content on How To Build A Chatbot for those looking for even more info. #happybot

  • Fraser Paterson says:

    Hi Rob! Your fans first need to subscribe to your bot before sending out so start building your list ASAP. When subscribed, you can segment them or have drip features to send out sequences, but not sure why you wouldnt send a broadcast to everyone at once. let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  • Rob says:

    Say I have a FB page with 5k fans, can I setup the bot to only message 1k at a time ? so 1k per day for 5 days ?

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