LandingCube Review & How To Use Messenger Bot For Amazon

Most Amazon FBA sellers are well aware of the LandingCube software because of their highly converting landing pages you cab build really fast. However, I am excited to announce that on Feb 9th 2019 they now have integrated Messenger Bots into their coupon services similar to the manychat alternatives.  

The reason why this is quite significant, is how useful this feature is for Amazon features. Instead of just sending external traffic to our listings need to use a lander in the middle. This is proven to convert higher, allows you to pixel your user to Remarketing, and capture their email / messenger contacts.  

All you need to do, is copy over the Amazon of the product you want and it automatically imports all the formation from your page. I used Cards Against Humanity as an example, and it did this in less than 30 seconds in Quickly edit it and be ready to send external traffic to it ASAP. 

Get Discount In Messenger

As an added benefit, as the traffic source is not going direct to Amazon you can double dip and also use the amazon associates program to earn and extra 4% or so.  

However, LandingCube is not for everyone as it is specifically designed as a sales page for Amazon sellers. In my LandingCube review I take you through what you need to know and how to build your own Landing page and utilize the Messenger Program for Coupons. 

How Does LandingCube Work 

LandingCube is a landingpage software that is designed for Amazon sellers. Their beautifully designed landing pages look similar to Amazon and capture users info before directing to your Amazon Listing. They load very fast, and as you will see in my examples below can build a page in less than 10 minutes.  

Landing Page Campaigns

It allows you to create 4 different types of campaigns. 

1. Promo Page - This is your landing page that you can send out single use promo codes, designed to capture emails in exchange for coupons before directing to Amazon.

2. Product Page (No Coupons) - this is just your traditional landing page designed to capture emails or use as your traditional website. 

3. Messenger Landing Page - This is your landing page that is build in with your Messenger Bot, where users must subscribe too in order to receive their single use coupons via Facebook. 

4. Click To Messenger - This type of campaign is delivered to skip your landing page direct and have users subscribe to your messenger campaigns in exchange for coupons.

types of Products

LandingCube Benefits for "BSR"

Amazon is similar in their "Best Sellers Rank" to who Google works with SEO. Amazon job is to provide recommendation and show products to their users that you are going to love, then purchase. It is all Amazon Sellers goals to be on the first page for their terms, to have organic sales and sell a lot of products. 

However, just like SEO it takes time to increase your Best Sellers Rank. The fastest way to do so, is to bring external traffic and sales that boost your ranking.  

External Traffic LandingCube

The biggest benefit of LandingCube is their feature that lets you send single user promo codes which boost sales. Instead of just using a general everybody coupon and risk having it posted publicly, you can use single use coupons. With LandingCube after the one time promo is downloaded, it changes with your next coupon code. 

Once you capture a new subscriber, you can market to her in the future. Building an email list lets you reduce your reliance on Amazon while building a loyal customer base. Not to mention you a list of followers for encourage reviews and message about new promotions. LandingCube is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of service

4.5 / 5 LandingCube Review 

My 4.5 Star rating, is not just  comparing the messenger aspect from LandingCube to MobileMonkey or one of the other platforms, but use for an overall Amazon product. They are working on their Manychat Integration, and know that their messenger features will continually improve. 

However, The $30 / month plan includes everything you will need. This includes unlimited traffic, unlimited coupons, a free strategy call, and even removes the branding. The $15 / month plan will not work (as it has their branding on it) and does not have the Messenger bots, and the $60 / month is for those large teams with 10+ landing pages for products. 

LandingCube Pricing

If you are looking for more information on how to build a messenger chatbot or how to stay withing Facebook Compliance Rules for messenger make sure to view our other blogs on How To Sell On Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller ready to get started with your own LandingCube and integrating your own Messenger Bot into your campaigns, here is the best pricing to the latest LandingCube Coupon

P.S. if you have nay questions, comments, or concerns please leave your feedback below and I promise to answer all questions promptly. To your success! #happybotting