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Wponlinesupport Themes & Plugin Review (2020)

With tens of thousands of WordPress themes available, it becomes a difficult decision which one to choose. 

It is an important decision when creating a new website. 

Or even migrating, as we know it is not the easiest process to change themes afterwards.   

Over the years I have used many different themes and website builders, so wanted to stress the importance of choosing a theme and builder with enough features that you won’t outgrow. 

This happened to me with one of my sites that was using a Genesis Theme. While I was  searching for an email popup plugin, I came across the team at WPonlinesupport.com. They had this popup as part of an essential bundle (with many other amazing plugins) so I installed them on one of my niche sites. 

Essentially I wanted the ability to have a notification bar appear on the bottom of my screen on mobile, on the top of desktop, and have an email popup that was activated by a link click. As you can see with the image below, this plugin met all my criteria and I went with their entire bundle. 

wponlinesupport popup

I was really happy with the theme and support at wponlinesupport.com.

So I had to share! 

It is important that when choosing a theme, not to go with just a themeforest or a pretty theme that does not have an active team building on it. 

I have people that contact us with this problem all the time. 

The last thing you will want is to buy something that does not get continual updates and probably won't offer support in a year or so.

What Is Wponlinesupport.com?  

Wponlinesupport, as you can tell from their name is a wordpress development company that builds and sells their own proprietary themes.  They also provide custom development and support for any additional modifications. 

This means if you are looking for something custom or migrating over databases, they can help. What I love about wordpress is how easy it is to create yourself.  Custom options do help you stand out from your competitors.

Their rates are very very competitively priced. 

For additional customization and work they bill at only $20 / hour. This means that any time you want to get any WordPress word done, you have the best team on standby to utilize them when you want. 

What is Included in the WpOnlineSupport Bundle?

Essential Plugins - With 45+ Plugins built from email popups, to fonts, sliders, and more it has almost anything available that you can think of. 

Inbound WP - This is the complete marketing pack essential  for lead generation. This has social proof, dela countdowns, spin wheels, and more. 

SlidersPack - This includes a huge number of designs and features for those wanting to make a great first impression with carousels, sliders, and more. 

Custom designed themes - Choose from 10+ blog / news theme layouts for travel, news, blogs, corporate, beauty, or personal sites.  

WordPress Themes Available

WordPress Themes

The themes are quite impressive! 

Right now they have 10 different themes to choose from. All these are: 

  • highly customizable
  • mobile responsive
  • have a great builder

The main themes are categories are: 

  • Corporate
  • Blog
  • News
  • anything beauty related. 

They do have an additional Woocommerce plugin, so you can add this on to this in the future.  

From the screenshot of the drag and drop editor below, you can see the customizable features and everything included with the theme. 

It is important to note that with all themes you do get lifetime updates. When new features are added in the future you won't have to worry about paying for them in future. Most theme providers DO NOT give you access to lifetime updates.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes

Why is WordPress so Popular? 

One of the biggest technical reasons why WordPress is so popular is that it is open source. 

That means developers can create plugins that help make your website even better! With 54,000+ plugins listed on WordPress.org there are great tools designed to help speed up your website, add new features, pop ups, downloads, and much more.  

I mentioned the story above about how I first found the team at Wp Online Support for their email popup plugin, but they also had 37+ other plugins included in the bundle. A few of the other plugins include: 

  1. Before And After sliders
  2. Wp Login Customizers
  3. Preloader for website
  4. Pricing Tables 
  5. Audio Player with playlist 
  6. Timelines and history 
  7. Wp posts and widgets
  8. Responsive sliders 
  9. News and scrolling widgets
  10. Popup on click
  11. + Many more


The SliderPack is one of my favorite features with the plugins bundle.  You will want to include beautiful photos and text to make those great first impressions.

Sliders are your first impression above the fold when a customer visits your website. 

You have to make it count with a great slider or risk a high bounce rate.


The Sliderpack not only works with homepages, but are customizable with WordPress posts and carousels. Some of the features are the designs, thumbnails, lightboxes, and can even add responsive 3d effects.

InboundWP - Marketing Plan

I love these plugins! 

Spin wheels “gamify” the purchase process for the customer and sparks curiosity. 

The goal of inbound marketing strategies is to engage with your website prospects by offering valuable content or lead magnet to familiarize them with your brand and services. Most of the time with lead generation strategies you first try to offer a coupon, ebook, or something to entice your visitors to give you their email so you can follow up with more information. 

Seeing that most of your visitors will find your website through SEO, Social Media, or Paid ads, you will want the conversation tools to help you get as many leads as possible. This is what the InboundWP Plugin is designed to do.

  • Spin Wheel
  • Marketing Popup
  • Social Proof
  • WhatsApp Chat Support
  • Countdown Timers
  • And many more...

PowerPack Security System 


I am super impressed with the PowerPack Plugin!

Hands down, this is one of those tools that all WordPress websites should have installed. 

Why?  Security.

The PowerPack plugin is focused on your frontend security features that hides your wp login screen, renames urls, has 2 factor authentication, and cookie consent notifications.   

Security is boring, I know. In the long run, protecting your blog will save you more time and frustration.  Plus potentially save you from loosing money from website downtime.

Wponlinesupport Bundle Pricing 

If you can not tell from my words above, I have been extremely impressed with both the quality of products and services from Wponlinesupport. 

Each one of these elements would cost thousands to create, or cost hundreds of months in a subscription service. 

You get them all in 1 lifetime bundle for a very reasonable price.  

  • Utility Plugins & Themes - Includes the 37+ plugins listed above and all 10+ Themes.
  • Inbound WP-  Including all 6 modules with spin a wheel, social proof, and popups. 
  • Multipurpose Dashboard Plugin and Powerpack Security. 
  • SliderPack -  10+ different Carousels and 20+ Custom Designs 
  • + 1 Month Maintenance (for help with anything)


Special Bonus Pricing LIFETIME (ONLY $112.50)

I am super excited that for the month of May, the team at WPsupport has offered our MonetizePros users an even better special!

That is only $112.50 for lifetime membership. That is 50% OFF  REGULAR PRICING

This is only available on our website and for our users through our special link. 

We all know that in times like this we need to save, and this is an AMAZING deal you will not find elsewhere.