What is Pre-Roll Video Advertising?

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In 9+ years in digital marketing one of the best tips I ever received was:

"instead of consuming content, become the creator of shareable content".  

As a marketer I want you to let that quote sink in for a moment. We are living in the digital era and are consuming more content then ever before. Our society spends far too much times on our phones, and video is by far the most consumed content.   

However for still being the fastest growing media channel you would be shocked with how video creators are still not earning anything from their channels.

This comes off very alarming to me and why I wanted to create a post on how to properly monetize your videos with Pre-roll ads. This article will be specific on Pre-Roll ads and if you want further info checkout our ultimate guide to video monetization article.

Video Content Creation

What Are Pre-Roll Ads In Video?   

Pre-Roll are the most common type of video ad unit and how you can properly monetize your content. These advertisements (or short commercials) play right before your main content begins. These advertisements are commonly 15, 30, or 60 seconds long.  

YouTube added the skip function in 2009 after noticing too many "back-buttons" or "exiting: during this time. This is because a 6 second Pre-Roll ad engages the users without having to suffer through the full 15, 30, or 60 second video if you are not interested. 

Here is an example of a YouTube Pre-Roll Ads with option to skip after 6 seconds.    

Ad Preroll Youtube

How Well Do Pre-Roll Ads Work? 

One of the main benefits of Pre-Roll advertisements for both advertisers and publishers, is that even if your user skips your add they are still being exposed to your brand. 

However, It is no secret that consumers will never like ads, but but relevant and helpful advertisements won't annoy the users. Most people understand that free services need to make money somehow, they just don't want click bait ads popping out of nowhere. 

One of the areas I have noticed an increase in these video ads have been as a condition in online gaming in order to play a game. 

A few additional tips on how to make effective Pre-Roll videos include: 

1. Focus On First 5 Seconds 

2. Create Engaging Content (obviously)

3. Include Clear Call To Action 

4. Implement Retargeting Strageies 

How To Get Started With Pre-Roll Ads 

There are a lot of different Ad Networks advertising Videos ads so I highly suggest you do your homework first. For one of my last campaigns I used the team at Clickadu advertising for their Pre-roll monetization services. The CPM was quite reasonable and I was groping any new monetization solution.

Besides, there are not so many adult networks seeking for video traffic. Without any further ado, here are the test results for the last four days:

PreRoll Article

If you have any other questions, or would like to get started with your own video marketing, leave a comment in the footer and I will make sure to answer all responses. Also you may want to checkout some of our other articles including 25 celebrities that got rich on YouTube and YouTube Partner Review.