An important analytics tool that helps Youtubers earn more money

Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be an online marketer and make a living from Youtube.

However, not a lot of people talk about how much work you need to put into to achieve these goals. It is still very viable to grow a profitable Youtube channel but is a lot harder then it was 10 years ago. 

Therefore, you need to treat your Youtube channel as a business and make sure to focus on your numbers.  This includes tracking your daily/weekly/monthly performance, analyzing your competitors, looking for partners, and mastering the art of content creation. 

You would be shocked with how many Youtubers do not know their numbers or the estimated value of their channel.  

Today, we will introduce NoxInfluencer, which is an important analysis tool for YouTube channel. We hope it’ll help you adjust channel optimization and content, improve your YouTube channel performance, and help you achieve your ultimate goals on YouTube.

What is NoxInfluencer?

NoxInfluencer is a totally free analytics tool that allows you to track Youtube statistics and measure growth making make money from Youtube.

Just go to NoxInfluencer official website, click “I’M AN INFLUENCER”, log in with your Youtube account, then you can start to analyze Youtube statistics.

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What can you do with NoxInfluencer?

1. Track Youtube channel stats

Through the NoxInfluencer platform, you can view and analyze the channel values, subscriber growth trends, subscriber distribution countries, video viewing trends, country and world rank, channel tags and keywords, and understand subscriber preferences to optimize video content channels and increase subscriber numbers.

For example, if you want to know how much does Pewdiepie make, just type “Pewdiepie” in the search box, and you can know his channel value and get all the Youtube stats of Pewdiepie.

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2. Find the most viewed videos and analyze the success factor of each video

You can find the most viewed videos in Sub & Youtube Growth column.

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Then paste the links of the most viewed videos on YOUTUBE VIDEO ANALYTICS AND REPORT Page to analyze video value and engagement rate. You can also view the subscribers’ reviews, know their ideas and suggestions to help you adjust and optimize the video contents.

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3. Analyze your competitors

In NoxInfluencer YouTube Stats & Analytics Dashboard, you can check your competitors’ tags and you can click the tags to search more similar channels.

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Or you can check the similar and related Youtube Channels which are recommended by NoxInfluencer.

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You can also get statistics on other channels and competitors through Youtube Channels Compare Tool.

For example, by comparing YouTube Channels of Markiplier and Ninja, you can find that although Markiplier has 2 million more subscribers than Ninja and the average number of videos per month is much higher than Ninja, but Markiplier’s video content is not as good as Ninja. Therefore, we can know that Markiplier needs to reduce the frequency of uploading videos and concentrate on increasing video quality to improve the engagement rate from subscribers.

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In addition, to analyze the above stats with NoxInfluencer, you can also seek opportunities to cooperate with well-known brands and earn money faster on NoxInfluencer!

Earn Money on NoxInfluencer With a Track Link

In the past, YouTubers received commissions through brand advertising and Google AdSense, but these ways of making money require YouTubers to have a certain number of subscribers and views to earn extra income. NoxInfluencer’s CPI (Cost Per Install) collaboration will make every Youtuber has the opportunity to participate.

Join the NoxInfluencer CPI Campaign with 3 simple steps and start to make money!

Step 1 Go to NoxInfluencer CPI Campaign page and click Earn Revenue Now and log in with Youtube Account

Click here -> Make money on Youtube with NoxInfluencer

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Step 2 Choose the proper area and campaign, and click View details & Apply

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Step 3 Click Apply & Get Track Link to get the link. And start promoting the APP by posting or commenting on the received link on social media such as Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Tweeter or game groups or forums.

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Creators can use the provided images and videos to make a video, write an article or post it with creative ideas to invite friends to install the application through their track link.

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For example, when you get the track link, please post and pin top under the video. And invite your subscribers to click and install the application. The more people install it, the more commissions you can earn. And NoxInfluencer will pay you every 7-10 days!

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Now offers from popular APPs like TikTok and hot games like Azur Lane, MU ORIGIN 2 and King’s Raid are available. Usually, it is difficult to have the opportunity to receive good offers from well-known brands for small YouTube channels. But they can receive these offers at NoxInfluencer!

For more details, please go to NoxInfluencer Official Website. Follow the latest news and report problems, please contact NoxInfluencer Facebook. Join NoxInfluencer CPI Campaign, for affiliates!