Introducing the New & Improved

It’s been five months since we’ve launched MonetizePros, and the team (Michael, Jimmy, myself, and developer Ratul) have been hard at work! If you haven’t visited the site in a little while, and are wondering what you might be missing out on, here’s a summary of the new Web monetization resources you might be interested in:

  1. Web Monetization Forums. (Now discontinued.) OK, I won’t lie to you; our forums don’t have hundreds of active members (yet). The upside however is when you post questions or ideas at our forums, you will be talking directly with the three MonetizePros co-founders (Jimmy Atkinson, Andy Hagans, and Michael Johnston). We just might have the answer to your burning monetization question (and no, we won’t send you a bill in the mail afterwards!) Sub-forums include: Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, E-commerce, Email Monetization & Marketing, Lead Generation, Paid Membership & E-products, and Video Monetization. 
  1. Free Web Monetization E-booksFree e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with YouTube & Web Video. Michael Johnston gives you his step-by-step guide to creating compelling videos on YouTube & unlocking their revenue potential. This e-book doesn’t contain any “generic advice”, but rather has 124 specific, battle-tested tools and tips.
  2. Free preview: The first two chapters of the upcoming full-length e-book, The Web Monetization Handbook. We’re authoring the definitive, in-depth guide to every aspect of Web monetization, including display ads, ad unit implementation and optimization, direct ad sales, e-commerce and CRO, affiliate marketing, lead generation, paid membership sites, e-products, video monetization, mobile monetization, and more. Includes the step-by-step details that entrepreneur Michael Johnston used to build a multi-million dollar online business from scratch in three years’ time.

You may also notice the new look and feel of our site design, as well as some other new additions like the “video tour” of MonetizePros, located on our homepage and in the sidebar. Other than that: we’re back to work. Later this year, we’ll be launching additional tools and e-books–100% free–that you can use to make more money on the Web. In the meantime, you can get daily tips in our free newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us–we’d love to hear from you. And if you aren’t yet following us on Twitter, go do that right now (@MonetizePros)! Cheers, Andy (& Jimmy & Michael)