Top Five Website Monetization Articles of the Week: September 13, 2013

September may be dreaded by kids around the country, but its generally cheered by Web-based businesses eager to see traffic pick up after a summer slowdown.

As the heat wave finally breaks on an Indian summer in Chicago, we’re back to serve up another round of some of the best reading from around the Web last week. For even more monetization tips, sign up for our free email newsletter. You’ll get this weekly roundup plus much more straight to your inbox. Speaking of inboxes…

Top Articles From Around the Web

  • Gmail’s New Tabs – “Much Ado About Nothing” for Email Marketing. The iContact blog published an update to a topic that has dominated the email marketing world over the past few months, ever since Gmail rolled out a feature to its inboxes that threatened to derail deliverability. There are some interesting conclusions and best practices in here now that there’s been a bit of time to digest the impact of the changes.
  • Affiliate Marketing 101: 4 Easy Steps for Beginners. John Hernandez offers a great primer on the affiliate marketing business model, including some ideas for how to get off the ground.
  • Email Marketing: Inactive lists and deliverability. At MarketingSherpa, David Kirkpatrick shares an interview with several industry experts on the new (and old) challenges facing email marketers.
  • Eye Tracking to Boost Conversion Rate of your Ecommerce Site. Brianna Wills of Search Engine Journal recently published a great overview of using images to boost e-commerce conversion rates. There’s nothing earth-shattering in here, but it’s a great introduction to the concept if this is new to you.
  • Introduction To Display Advertising. Laure Betaille put together a great primer on display advertising; if you’ve ever been stumped by terms such as real-time bidding, native advertising, or retargeting this post might help to fill in some of the blanks.

Top Forum Threads From MonetizePros

In addition to some great articles, check out some of the threads from the MonetizePros forum this week:

  1. Great online media kit example. If you’re looking for media kit inspiration, check out the great examples some of our members have come across.
  2. Good read on paywalls. The community shares an interesting study on the impact paywalls had on two newspapers.
  3. Tips from Rich McIver, Lead Gen Expert. In case you missed our Q&A with Rich, check out the highlights.

That’s all for this week; if you want more monetization discussion, head on over and browse our friendly forums. (You’ll need to sign up for free membership to post though!)