Top Five Web Monetization Articles of the Week: August 15, 2013

To wrap up one of the slowest traffic weeks of the year online, we’re presenting another weekly roundup featuring some of the best content from around the Web. Today’s edition features a boatload of email marketing stats, a scathing critique of affiliate marketing, and general website monetization tips.

We also have some of the best recent threads from our forum; if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s best to collect credit card information before or after a free trial, check out the latest threads and get insights from the MonetizePros community.

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Top Articles From Around The Web

  • 9 Critical Components for Optimized Marketing Emails. Sarah Goliger wrote a great article highlighting the pillars of a successful email marketing strategy. Her thoughts on personalization, images, and mobile optimization are particularly interesting.
  • Email Metrics Report. MailerMailer recently released its detailed Email Metrics Report, which supplies email marketers with a ton of data gleaned from analyzing billions of opt-in emails. Sections include stats on open rates and click rates, as well as metrics around personalization, scheduling, and subject lines. If you’re an email marketer, block off an hour on your calendar to dive into this report.
  • The big, ugly affiliate marketing scam. Ruslan Kogan from shares his experience with affiliate marketing, peeling back the onion to reveal an interesting scenario that plays out in certain niches within this industry.
  • Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: How to Include Affiliate Links Effectively. Joseph Berida writes for a very specific audience, but his article includes some great, practical tips for bloggers who are interested in monetizing their sites via affiliate marketing.
  • Website Monetization Tips. This article is perfect for the beginners out there; Matthew Capala starts at the beginning and explains the concept of Web monetization. He also walks through the various strategies for monetizing a website, and offers up some of his own tips as well.

Also this week: Google recently released an AdSense app for the iPhone; if you haven’t already downloaded, head on over to the app store and get linked up to your account (it’s a free download).

Top Forum Threads From MonetizePros

  1. Should you require CAPTCHA for free membership users? We debate the benefits of including the popular anti-spam filter on free membership sites.
  2. Ad Networks or Ad Exchanges: which is best for publishers? The community tackles a question about monetizing sites that feature video content with pre-roll and other advertising options.
  3. Has anyone else used the 970×90 in AdSense? Chime in on your success (or lack thereof) with one of the newest ad units in AdSense.

That’s all for this week; if you want more monetization discussion, head on over and browse our friendly forums. (You’ll need to sign up for free membership to post though!)