Top 7 Website Monetization Articles Of The Week: March 15, 2013

Another week is in the books, with SXSW wrapping up in Texas, spring starting to creep in throughout much of the country, and the lost productivity of March Madness just around the corner. As Q1 draws to a close, we’re pleased to share some of the best monetization articles from around the web. (Subscribe to our free email newsletter and get articles like these delivered directly to you.)

A/B Testing

  • KISSmetrics has a killer post this week that breaks down the process of A/B testing, complete with tips on where to start, pitfalls to avoid, and how to move from big to small (wins, that is).

Email Marketing

  • Feeling insecure about open rates and click rates that are less than 100%? If so, check out Why Every Smart Email Marketer Should Ask Readers to Unsubscribe. D Bnonn Tennant explains why pruning your email list can be a productive exercise, and lays out four ways to do exactly that.
  • Struggling to avoid the bad habits that tempt all email marketers? Kara Trivunovic has a system to limit your marketing mistakes and reward yourself for making your emails more relevant.
  • Looking to grow that email list of yours? David Daniels has some great tips for optimizing site registration pages, which are often one of the best sources of new email subs.


  • Thinking night and day about your landing page and how to improve it? Take a read through Bryan Eisenberg’s lengthy post on the anatomy of a landing page. He breaks down three different sites, explaining how the layout of each contributes to performance. There’s also input on the pages from additional experts, who bring some insightful analysis as well.
  • Want to increase your conversions by 20%? If you answered no, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you answered yes, read the latest from Linda Bustos on GetElastic. She walks you through increasing the review ratings for your products, which can translate into a big bump in conversions.

Display Advertising

  • Wondering how the big cookie changes in the latest version of Firefox will impact your ad business? John Ebbert rounded up thoughts from several leading voices on the industry, providing some interesting and opposing views on the latest developments.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Up to date on the latest legal developments in the affiliate marketing industry? As a bonus this week, we wanted to highlight Missy Ward’s post Your Industry Needs You Now. This article doesn’t have any ideas for improving revenue or conversion rates, but is a must-read if you’re involved in any way in the affiliate marketing biz.

That’s all for today; be sure to check out our Twitter feed for tips throughout the week, and check back often as we get ready to roll out an expanded version of later this month!