Top 5 Website Monetization Articles of the Week: March 8, 2013

Another week brought a few more inches of snow to headquarters in Chicago, a new round of all-time highs for the Dow (woo-hoo!), and of course some more great ideas on website monetization techniques. This week we’re focusing on email marketing strategies, with a dash of e-commerce thrown in for good measure. (Speaking of email, have you subscribed to our free email newsletter yet?)

In case you missed them, below are five monetization articles from around the web worth reading:

Email Marketing

  • Looking to build a relationship with your audience? Check out The Necessity of a Welcome Email by Carolyn Cohn; she lays out all the reasons why an automated welcome email to your subscribers can lay the groundwork for a profitable relationship to develop.
  • Sometimes the biggest win you can score is avoiding a big loss. Heather Fletcher has a great article full of tips to help you avoid having your customers hate you as a result of your email strategy. Take a look and see if you’re guilty of any of these infractions; odds are, you’re doing something that you might want to reconsider.
  • If you’re making money via email, it’s probably safe to assume that growing your email list will translate into growing revenues. Tricia at Inbox Group has a great post on how to continue to grow your list, complete with some easy-to-implement optimizations.
  • To close out the Email Marketing list for the week is a quick 2-minute video from Kristen Gregory, Bronto’s Director of Marketing Services. In under 200 seconds Kristen shares some great ideas on how to stuff your emails full of content that will lead to sales.


  • It’s always nice to see experts take their insights beyond the theoretical and provide critiques to live landing pages. That’s exactly what Russ Henneberry at Crazy Egg put together, with a collection of six landing page gurus giving their thoughts on ways TurboTax could improve their landing page.

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