Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: September 20, 2013

It’s officially one of our favorite times of the year at MonetizePros; not only is football season underway, but Web businesses are picking up as summer vacations taper off and some of the early planning for 2014 begins! As another week draws to a close, we’re highlighting some worthwhile reading from around the Web; this week’s installment features some interesting technological developments from a couple major ad networks as well as some thoughts on what NOT to do when engaging in email marketing.

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Top Articles From Around the Web

  • How Are You Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic? This article from Blogging Tips highlights some basic and more advanced strategies for monetizing mobile traffic, a segment that accounts for a growing portion of many sites’ traffic.
  • 5 Killer Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid. Steven MacDonald shares some specific tips about what not to do when setting up your email marketing campaigns, including some suggestions on avoiding that “donotreply” email address.
  • You’re Doing It Wrong: 5 Email Marketing Conversion Killers. Chris Hexton of Unbounce weighs in on a similar topic, offering his opinions on some of the most frequent and severe mistakes when it comes to email marketing.
  • New Features In Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform. This post from Google is on the short side (and technically published last week) but definitely worth highlighting. Publishers now have the ability to run experiments on their AdSense revenue through Analytics, letting the Google multi-armed bandit maximize earnings during a specified period. Included in this post are some links to more advanced reading on the topic.
  • Yandex Launches Look-Alike Audience Ad Targeting For Display Campaigns. Ginny Marvin of Marketing Land summarizes yet another argument for the notion that display advertising is not dead, but rather evolving rapidly. An interesting new technology from Yandex is making some impressive claims about its ability to more efficiently match up advertisers and publishers.

As a bonus this week, check out a couple cool infographics: this one on the evolution of email marketing and this one highlighting the relevant stats about “freemium” mobile apps. And if you missed it, be sure to read our latest feature 101 Ways to Make Money with Your iPhone, Android, or Mobile App.

Also, there’s a new podcast out related exclusively to affiliate marketing opportunities for podcasters.

Top Forum Threads

Here are some of the most interesting threads from the MonetizePros forum this week:

  1. Ad Networks of Ad Exchanges – which is best for publishers?
  2. Google may drop cookies for AdID
  3. How to Determine CPM for a particular Ad Zone

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