Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: October 4, 2013

It’s time for another edition of weekend reading! Here’s our selection of great articles from around the Web:

  • Lead Generation: Perceived value and cost of free incentives. Live from the MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit, Erin Hogg gives an overview of this year’s “live test” in which attendees experimented with different variations of a landing page designed to capture leads. Here’s the overview; check out the full article to see the details and conclusions:

Live test

  • Affiliate Marketing with Integrity (a Conversation with Pat Flynn). This video interview of Pat Flynn by Michael Hyatt offers insights into the minds of two successful affiliate marketers who also happen to run their businesses in an honest, transparent way. It’s a great listen if you have eight minutes to spare.
  • 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Be Your Absolute Priority. “Email marketing has one problem, it’s not as shiny and sexy as Social Media.” Francisco Rosales outlines several reasons why more attention should be paid to email marketing.
  • Ecommerce product pages: where to place 30 elements and why. Greg Randall has a killer post on page layouts for e-commerce sites, complete with specific examples of what goes where.
  • It’s Over For Paid Apps, With A Few Exceptions. Sara Perez of TechCrunch serves up a great overview of the mobile app industry, focusing on the trend towards free products.

As a bonus this week check out a new free e-book being offered by HubSpot, How to Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions. We also liked this infographic highlighting the importance of mobile to email marketers.

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Top Forum Threads

In addition to our poll question, here’s some of the top activity at our forums this week:

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