Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! In lieu of a corny joke about your November monetization efforts being a trick or a treat, let’s get straight into our final roundup of October. Here’s our collection of recommended reading for this week:

  • Email Marketing: Measure and Learn. Julie Verhulst gives a great overview of some important metrics to watch in your email marketing campaigns, as well as some industry rules of thumb and ideas for improvements.
  • Pro Lessons & Predictions – Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference 2013. Jason Acidre has a great feature starring some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world (the likes of Geno Prussakov and Zac Johnson). The pros offer up their thoughts on the outlook for the affiliate marketing industry in 2014 and beyond.
  • When Should You Start Monetizing Your Blog? Ali Luke has a great quick article out this week tackling a question that almost every blogger asks at one point or another in his/her writing career.
  • Can native advertising solve the mobile monetization problem? Kunal Gupta approaches two “crisscrossing topics” in the media industry: native ads and mobile monetization.
  • 5 Ecommerce Design Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Sales. Gregory Ciotti has a killer article on mistakes made by e-commerce sites; though we’d argue that his ideas are applicable to a much wider range of websites.

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Forum Threads of the Week

We’ve had quite a bit of activity over at the forum this week; the most interesting posts include Alright, Here We Go and AdSense vs Google Analytics pageview discrepancies. Check ’em out. And if you haven’t already, register as a member (free!) to join in the discussions.

Poll Question of the Week

  • What is your favorite AdSense alternative for small publishers? Vote for your favorite, and let us know if we missed any!

That’s all for this week; if you’re looking for more, check out our features on how much money Wikipedia could make and ways to make money on Google+.