Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: October 11, 2013

With another week drawing to a close, it’s time for a rundown of some of the best articles we’ve read this week. Today’s edition includes a killer breakdown of conversion rate studies, everything you could ever want to know about affiliate marketing (well, almost), and an article specifically geared toward bloggers.

  • 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies. Jesse Aaron knocks it out of the park with this one, highlighting some real world examples of landing page improvements that literally drove millions of dollars in new revenue.
  • 25 Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered. Ruck at IMGind has assembled a great resource for all things affiliate marketing, including links out to answers to both simple and advanced questions about this monetization method.
  • Five Things Fantasy Football Can Teach You about Email Marketing. Julia Peavy came up with a great title for a great post; she gives five pieces of advice for those seeking to improve their email marketing campaigns.
  • The Complete Guide For Selling Advertising On Your Blog Or Website. Diana Adams has published a fantastic primer on finding advertisers for your site, with advice applicable to writers in all niches and all levels of traffic.
  • 15 Rules to Follow to Write Outstanding Email Newsletters. Allison Stadd shares her thought on how to boost your e-newsletter circulation base, a valuable asset that opens up a number of monetization routes to publishers and bloggers.

As bonus reading, check out a couple pieces on Twitter: this one about the e-commerce potential on the platform and this one about the mobile monetization “problem” at the soon-to-be-public microblogging company.

Forum Thread of the Week

If you haven’t yet checked out our forums, here’s a sneak peek from the last week:

  • What’s your auto-responder campaign creation & optimization process? Andy sheds some light on the process he uses to fine tune email messaging, including a step-by-step optimization checklist.

Poll Question of the Week

Our Web monetization forum has a new feature — the weekly poll question, wherein we will survey MonetizePros members (click here to sign up for membership if you haven’t already!) with a different monetization-related question every Friday.

This week’s forum poll: When should credit card information be collected?

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That’s all for this week; head on over to the forums for more Web monetization chatter, or check out our two e-books for more weekend reading (free registration required).