Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: November 8, 2013

Another week is in the books, with an unusually high amount of chatter about mobile monetization thanks to the blockbuster Twitter IPO on Thursday. If you didn’t make millions when the site went public, here’s a review of some interesting reads from around the Web to help in your monetization efforts.

  • Affiliate Marketing Income Report: September 2013. We love reading the monthly income reports from affiliate marketer Tyler Cruz, even if they are a month or so late. These reports offer a great view into a major affiliate marketing businesses, highlighting the opportunities and challenges. In this case, September was a tough month for Tyler, but that makes the lessons all the more meaningful.
  • Contextualizing Affiliate Marketing. This quick read from the Skimlinks blog helps to explain the place of affiliate marketing in the broader digital marketing landscape: how it fits into the strategies used by brands and influencers, and where publishers can fit in.
  • How to Explain Affiliate Marketing to Your Friends. David Zelken has a great short read that can make life easier for the affiliate marketers who have ever struggled to explain just what it is they do (or are trying to do) for a living.
  • A/B experiments for ad unit settings – the easy way. The official AdSense blog has a great overview of an exciting new feature within AdSense that makes it easier than ever for partners to test out different settings to maximize earnings. (Be warned that after reading this, you’re going to spend a few hours setting up experiments in AdSense.)
  • Display advertising’s new frontier: real-time and content-driven. Will Price touches on some of the new strategies available to brands in their marketing efforts. For publishers, this article offers some insight into what will drive the future of display ad monetization.

There are also two cool infographics worth checking out this week: this email marketing “cheat sheet” and this one on the importance of video in your email marketing efforts.

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Chime in this week on an interesting question from one of our newest members: why has barter advertising gone extinct?

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  • Do you use social media to generate leads?

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