Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: July 25, 2013

It’s been a busy few weeks on Wall Street for some of the world’s largest Internet companies, with Google,Yahoo!, Facebook, and many others releasing their quarterly earnings reports that always shed light on their monetization practices. This week, we’re highlighting some articles that may be useful for folks trying to monetize sites a bit smaller than those behemoths.

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Top Articles From Around The Web

  • THIS is Why You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing. Tyler Cruz walks his audience through two recent affiliate marketing campaigns he tested out, pulling back the curtain to share the complete results of each. This article sheds some light on how affiliate marketing can work, and reveals some lessons about persistence in this monetization vertical.
  • 5 Great Ideas to Boost Your List Engagement: Email Marketing. Stacy Carter at Search Engine Journal highlights an opportunity for email marketers to improve the level of engagement with their audience, which can pay off in more clicks and additional revenue.
  • Doing Mobile Monetization The Right Way. TechCrunch’s Chris Moore shares some interesting thoughts on the state of the mobile ad network, noting that “in many ways, we’re at the same juncture with mobile advertising as we were with the desktop web circa 1996-97.”
  • Split Testing Ideas: Why You’re Not Getting Anywhere. Carter Bowles tackles some common misconceptions about split testing, and discusses how the Ten Principles of Influence should affect how marketers view this activity.
  • The Slideshow Addicts. Jack Marshall has a great article at Digiday on an increasingly common practice: the slideshow. Even if you’re not familiar with that term, odds are you’ve experienced it recently. Check out Jack’s take on what this means for the display ad industry and publishers in general.

Bonus Listen: Brian Clark of Copyblogger sat down with Robert Bruce to discuss the history of affiliate marketing and the revival being experienced now. Check out the 25-minute podcast if you have a chance.

Top Forum Threads From MonetizePros

  1. Show me yours and I’ll show you my…Open Rate. Check out the open rates other email marketers experience, and weigh in on what strategies you’ve used to boost your open rate in the past.
  2. What’s the biggest affiliate network after CJ? We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest affiliate networks out there; add your positive or negative impressions of these (and others) and see what experiences other affiliate marketers have had.
  3. “Official” coupon code for 2013 LeadsCon. If you’re planning to make a trip to LeadsCon East this year (August 14-15 in NYC), get a huge discount with this special offer (available through Saturday only).

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