Top 5 Web Monetization Articles of the Week: December 6, 2013

Welcome to December! After a one-week hiatus for Thanksgiving, we’re back to serving up some of the best monetization content from around the Web every Friday. Here’s this week’s installment: 

  • Alternative Monetization Tools To Use With Affiliate Marketing. Rachel at Skimlinks has a great article summarizing some of the monetization techniques that can be efficiently used alongside affiliate marketing.
  • What Drives the Most ROI? Display Advertising vs. Native Advertising. Brian Honigman breaks down the returns on different types of advertising, coming to the conclusion that native is beginning to take over.
  • Email Marketing (Still) Works. Colin Jeavons and Kerstin Recker team up to highlight some of the reasons to be optimistic about the opportunities afforded by email marketing in 2014.
  • A Measured Approach to Display Advertising. Adit Abhyankar has an interesting take on the display advertising business from the perspective of a marketer.
  • Parked domain monetization. Jim Jansen has a good primer on how to monetize your parked domains and also includes some fun tidbits about Parked Domain Girl.

For some bonus reading this week, we enjoyed this infographic tackling myths of email marketing.

Forum Thread of the Week

Check out the Best AdSense Resources thread up at our forum, and feel free to add some of your own favorites.

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