7 Best Website Monetization Articles of the Week: March 22, 2013

Spring has officially sprung, even if the wind chill remains in the single digits at MonetizePros headquarters in Chicago. As always, we’re profiling insightful articles about website monetization to help wrap up the week; be sure to check back in the coming days as we’ll be rolling out some additional features during the final week of March! (Subscribe to our free newsletter and get notified of any new features or articles right away.)

Email Marketing

  • If a significant portion of your audience opens your emails on mobile devices (the vast majority of websites fall into this category), you can probably benefit from Melinda Krueger’s post on mobile email quick wins. She gives some specific, easy-to-implement ideas for boosting open and click rates.
  • If you’re focusing on building out an email list for your site or business, read through Kristi Hines’ thoughts on the five places you should have your opt-in forms. If you’re not implementing all of them, there’s some low hanging fruit here.
  • If you’re not quite sure how you should be making money off of the email list you’ve built, allow Eric Didier to make a few suggestions. Eric’s checklist for monetizing your email marketing list is a great place to start if you’re not sure where to begin.

PPC Marketing

Display Advertising

  • If you’re not exactly sure what this “premium inventory” you keep hearing about is, James Green recently put up a great article with a few different definitions (we like the one from Kellogg the best).
  • If you have a sneaking suspicion that your AdSense strategy is sub-optimal, take a look at a recent post on the Inside AdSense blog with some real-life analysis of how to boost CPMs with minimal effort.

Affiliate Marketing

  • If you’re wondering what all the recent developments mean for the future of affiliate marketing, Taewoo Kim has a great post that might simultaneously scare and excite you. Don’t be too scared by the title; there are some good ideas in here for building a sustainable, profitable affiliate business.

That’s it for this week; for more tips throughout the week, be sure to follow us on Twitter. Happy monetizing, and check back next week for an expanded MonetizePros.com.