7 Best Website Monetization Articles of the Week: April 19, 2013

The end of a long week is approaching at last, and we’re among the many who will be happy to see it come to a close. From a rain-soaked Chicago headquarters, we serve up some of the most insightful and useful monetization articles from around the web below. To get more monetization tips throughout the week, be sure to sign up for the free MonetizePros newsletter.

Blog Monetization

  • How Early Should You Monetize Your New Blog? Darren Rowse at ProBlogger shares his thoughts on this frequently asked question in a new article out this week. If you’ve ever pondered the trade-off between starting to make a few bucks and building your audience, this one is a great read. (Also, be sure to check out ProBlogger’s Money Map.)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Email Marketing

  • Email Subject Lines…Say What? Kara Trivunovic at ClickZ has a great reminder for all the email marketers out there: subject lines matter. This “back to basics” article has some easy-to-implement tips for boosting open rates and conversions by paying a bit more attention to your subject.
  • 73% of businesses carry out basic email segmentation. David Moth at Econsultancy has a nice summary of a recent report detailing the email marketing practices of companies in 2013. While most are implementing at least basic segmentation, only a small portion of the universe is engaged in advanced segmentation, behavioral targeting, or lead scoring.

Lead Generation

  • Do You Have Poorly Designed Lead Capture Forms? Does your lead capture form resemble the “speed dating session from hell” that Dave Sotolotto describes in his recent article at IMPACT? If so, take note of the tips he includes here to simplify and improve your lead generation mechanisms.
  • 4 Simple Lessons To Make CPA Bidding Work For You. Brad Geddes has a great article up at Search Ending Land, built around the maxim that “your data are only good until the data changes.” If you’ve struggled to get the hang of CPA bidding for your websites, check out the possible causes and solutions proposed here.


  • Can Text Messages Increase Conversion Rates? If you’re not currently using text messages in your marketing campaigns, don’t worry: you’re certainly not alone. Sherice Jacob writing for The Daily Egg throws out some pretty interesting statistics about the impact of sending text messages on conversion rates. (Spoiler alert: text messages have open rates as high as 97%, compared to as low as 15% for email.) This article also includes overviews of a few services that can be used to integrate text messages into your campaigns.

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