7 Best Website Monetization Articles of the Week: April 12, 2013

It’s officially baseball season in Chicago, and this just might be the year the Cubs–oh, who are we kidding? Rather than dwell on the dismal outlook for the Northsiders, we’d prefer to think happy thoughts–like helping you make more money off your website. Below are the best monetization articles from around the Web this week. Enjoy! (Get more articles like this one sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our free email newsletter.)

Display Advertising

  • Why Online Advertising Will Get Easier For Publishers (And Why It Won’t). “How f’ed up is our industry?” was the question posed at a recent conference by AOL Network’s CEO. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the tangled web of companies involved in the overly complicated ad sales process, you’ll like Jeff John Roberts’ recent article at paidContent.
  • Tablets Yield 15% Lower RPCs than PCs. Ginny Marvin at SearchEngineLand has some very interesting stats on tablet computers in her summary of a recent report out of the Rimm Kaufman Group. If you’ve been doubting Google’s story that usage behavior and performance across devices is similar, this article might give you a bit more ammo.

Lead Generation

  • Double Your Leads Instantly With This Simple Evergreen Tweak. KISSmetrics has a great article on how to make the most out of the pages on your blog that get a ton of traffic but unfortunately also have very high bounce rates. Though perhaps a bit beyond “simple,” the process they lay out for better monetizing this traffic is definitely doable–and judging by their results, well worth it.

Landing Pages & Conversions

  • How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages. Long form sales pages tend to be “ridiculously cheesy and scammy” in the words of ConversionXL’s Peep Laja. (He’s right!) But if done correctly, these can also be very effective and drive a ton of conversions. This article has some great tips for making a long form sales page that doesn’t suck, including plenty of examples of both good and bad copy.
  • How to Write Web Copy that Converts. Michael Aagaard at Content Verve has a killer article summarizing the results of four years of research and hundreds of A/B tests–all boiled down to eight straightforward tips for writing better copy. We never cease to be amazed by the power of relatively minor changes to sales copy; the devil really is in the details here.
  • Have a sales page? Here are 3 extremely simple tips to improve it Karl Staib has his own compelling ideas on what makes a sales page really work, whether you’re the New York Times or a one-man shop. Check out his three tips for funnel improvement in this article on Visual Website Optimizer.

General Monetization Motivation

  • We All Start From Zero. John Chow has a great article this week responding to the (somewhat common) notion that his online success is primarily a result of good timing. If you need a bit of extra motivation to keep investing in your blog, take John’s story to heart. 

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