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MonetizePros Giveaway Winner Interview – Chris Zilo

I’m sure you’re all aware of the giveaway we had here at MonetizePros a week before Black Friday – we gave away $14,523 worth of internet marketing tools, services and resources. Ranging

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How to Sell Your Website – Our FE International Review

At MonetizePros we are always looking for new ways to monetize. Why pick up monthly payments when you can get a lump sum and sell your website? recently had the pleasure of interviewing

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Interview with Jim Wang, Founder of Bargaineering and Microblogger

After launching his personal finance site Bargaineering in 2005, Baltimore-based blogger Jim Wang quit his software engineering job in 2008. And he never looked back. After exiting Bargaineering to the

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Interview with Rich McIver, Lead Gen Entrepreneur & Texas Attorney

Rich McIver is an attorney based in Houston, Texas. He is also a lead generation expert, who has founded multiple companies in the online education vertical that achieved successful exits. Mr. McIver has

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Interview with Ankit Oberoi, Web Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of AdPushup

New Delhi-based entrepreneur Ankit Oberoi has been launching Internet startups for nearly a decade. Like many entrepreneurs, Ankit wears many hats; he describes himself as a programmer, online marketer,

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Interview With William Goldbach, EVP of Confident Technologies (Sponsored CAPTCHA)

In recent weeks we’ve been writing frequently on challenges facing website owners looking to monetize their existing traffic through display advertising. In an attempt to deliver value to advertisers

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