The 10 Best Marketplace Website Templates and Clone Scripts

Have you ever thought about building your own multi-vendor marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Craiglist, or Airbnb? The idea of creating an eCommerce marketplace where hundreds of business selling on your platform is always a hot business model. 

However, the technical requirement that comes along with it is more than what a small business can achieve. The cost to build such platforms, security issues, and requirements to handle financial transactions is a lot for most start-up businesses to handle. 

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Worries not, as there are some easier ways out there. There are marketplace website scripts ideal for creating similar multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces with improved design and functionality inspired by an existing website. Using these scripts, you can setup a marketplace platform without doing any development from scratch. Here are 10 best marketplace website scripts of multi-vendor eCommerce sites. 

1. Airbnb Website Template - The Rental Marketplace 

RentRoom by RentCubo is one of the best readymade Airbnb clone scripts available in the market to develop functional vacation rental marketplaces. You can customize RentRoom to any extent and tailor it according to your unique business model on top of a model similar to Airbnb.

RentCubu Clone


RentRoom offers a clean user experience with its user-friendly and responsive design. Receive booking from across the globe and facilitate secure financial transactions from all major currencies, as it has multi-currency payment support. Both web and mobile platforms align with SEO practices, which help to bring in more traffic to the platform. The developers have equipped this Airbnb clone with several advanced filter options such as selecting rentals available with the breakfast options. RentRoom offers intuitive search features to explore properties across the globe according to your preferences and needs.


Its cost-effectiveness and can build a full-fledged Airbnb like peer-to-peer rental marketplace without coding from scratch. Another major pro of RentRoom is its ‘RentCubo Lite’ version, which is worth $1000, but they are giving it free. Something unique and better than a live demo for sure. You get the source code and the most advanced tech stack with just a one-time payment.


Like any other website script, RentRoom doesn’t offer hosting services. You have to spend additional money on website hosting. Best thing is -it’s self-hosted. Hence, you can choose your preferred hosting partner.

2. Fiverr- Freelancing marketplace

Fiverr is a revolutionary freelancing marketplace platform that connects both employers and freelancers. The platform allows employers to find qualified talents for the projects and at the same time, gives freelancers the opportunity to receive jobs. If you want to build a similar crowdsourcing platform, the Fiverr clone script from CS-Cart is the best to build your own freelance service marketplace. 

Fiverr Marketplace


The platform offers the ability to both freelancers and employers to rate each other based on the ease of communication and collaboration. Freelancers receive the money once the project is delivered after deducting a commission. Employers can also make the payment and see the transaction history and status. An efficient filter system allows entrepreneurs to find the right talent using filters such as experience and expertise. For each job posted, the employers can see how many people applied for the job and analyse their response. The website script offers full-fledged features for employees, freelancers and Admin. 


Open source code, built-in payment integrations, reviews and rating management system, and bundled Android and iOS mobile apps, etc. are some of the major pros. 


If you are not implementing unique customizations to Fiverr clone script, you might end up having another clone platform that cannot generate a steady income for your business. Therefore, you need to invest some amount on scrip customization as well. 

3. Upwork- Peer-to-peer Freelancing marketplace

Upwork website script from MintTM is an eminent clone script to construct your own feature-packed freelancing marketplace like Upwork. It helps you to integrate the same functionalities to each key player like customers, freelancers, and admin. 



MintTm’s Upwork script offers a full set of features to make a freelance marketplace just like Upwork. A wide range of job search, admin panel, and other accessibility features are available to manage clients and freelances. An Escrow payment system integration is also available to maintain a fair working environment. Social login is another helpful feature that helps to acquire the required information to verify users. 


You can obtain your own freelance website at the best price with less time and effort. Multiple payment integrations, efficient review and rating system, admin managed escrow, Google analytics, maintenance mode, and SEO integration, etc. are some of the major pros. 


There is no hosting solution available from the vendors. You need to consult web hosts on your own after purchasing the script. 

4. Amazon- Product-based marketplace platform 

An Amazon website script is a remarkable multi-vendor eCommerce script to start a business with own multi-vendor platforms like Amazon and eBay. Shuup is an advanced Amazon or eBay clone script that let you manage your own shopping portal where both buyers and sellers form a single dashboard. 

Shuup Marketplaces


One of the best features of Shupp marketplace is its top-quality admin panel. It let businesses build a feature-rich Amazon-like website to suit any level of eCommerce website requirements. You can build a single marketplace multiple marketplaces or VR and AR marketplaces based on your business requirements. Advanced search options, user-friendly dashboard, powerful admin panel, multiple social logins, Stripe and PayPal payments, customer and vendor management, sales and campaign tools, marketing tools, etc. are some of the major features. 


Shuup offers three different ways to set your multi-vendor platform, which is a great feature. You can incorporate artificial intelligence and Virtual reality to your platform along with other add-ons. They combine eCommerce, point of sales, and multi-vendor to create the exact solution for your business. 


They don’t offer a personalized demo for their open source solutions.

5. MLM- Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing or MLM is a referral marketing strategy to sell products and services. An MLM script helps you to grow your business in the multilevel marketing way with user efficient processes and allows you to improve your marketing campaigns with advanced features and functionalities. 

mlm clone


MLM website scripts come with advanced features and integrated tools to offer buyers with multilevel marketing solution for earning better revenue. It has a powerful front end and back end control panel that allows both MLM members and buyers to run the platform within a few button clicks. Easy to port design, CMS technologies, automatic payment processing, Multilanguage, and multicurrency support, strong backup system, compatibility with all devices, franchise management, etc. are some of the best features of MLM scripts. 

There are a number of MLM scripts in the market. If you intent to implement the Multi-level marketing in your exiting business, you should test them out. 


MLM website scripts are easy to operate, fast, reliable, and secure. It is also easy to customize and you get free instant demo along with help and support. 


There are no hosting solutions available in most of the MLM scripts in the market.

6. Kickstarter- Crowd funding platform

Kickstarter is an innovative fundraising or crowdfunding platform that allows fundraisers to raise funds. You can use popular Kickstarter clones like FundForIdea from MintTM or one from Agriya to build your own reward based fundraising businesses like Kickstarter or Gofundme. 

Kick Starter Clone


Kickstarter or Gofundme clone scripts offer you feature-rich flexibility to customize your project based on your needs and goals. Pjax designs are one great feature that offers an extensible browsing experience for your fundraising website. Multiple pledging mode, pledge reward system, idea’s mechanism, and private beta mode, etc. are some of the best features. 


User-friendliness and reliability, a wide range of payment gateway selection, live demo, full admin control over homepage panels, real-time funding progress, etc. are some of the major pros of Kickstarter clones from MintTM and Agriya. 


They offer free technical support for only a month.

7. Flippa –buy and sell businesses

Flippa is a marketplace to buy and sell businesses. Busewe from Ncrypted is a very cost-effective Flippa clone that lets you build an online marketplace website like Flippa. Build2flip from MinTM is also another good clone script designed with advanced technology to let you build your own marketplace site. 


Busewe offers rich features for both buyers, sellers, and admin. Easy to use admin panel, payment gateways, communication management between users, user management, auction management, website verification system, CMS management, bidding modules, review systems, etc. are some of the best features of Flippa website scripts. 


Flippa like website development is a complex process and becomes costly as well. However, the Flippa clone script comes handy as a cost-effective solution with less turnaround time. You get powerful backend with essential modules in a cost-effective manner. It also offers customizations of any level to suit your business model. 


Flippa website clones like Build2Flip and Busewe doesn’t offer hosting solutions.

8. Craiglist 

Craigslist is a classified advertisement site with categories dedicated to housing, sale, services, gigs, resumes, jobs, and discussion forums. Craigslist website scripts let you bring your online-classified business idea to life. With versatile technology, you can build Craigslist-like sites with customized front-end UI, advanced admin dashboard, and efficient analytics panels. Ncrypted offers the best ready to go Craigslist clone with the built-in features. 


The success of Craigslist-like websites lies in the powerful features it offers to the users. Craigslist clones doesn’t just offer the functionalities to buy, sell goods and services, it also features a high-end admin panel, featured pricing management, ad management, user management, payment history management, social login, and lot other features. 


Free updates, free support, scalability, good transaction speed, cost-effectiveness are some of the major pros. 


Lack of hosting solutions from the vendors.

9. Tinder 

Tinder is a brilliant dating app to find the best distance-based matches. A tinder website script allows you to enter the profitable world of on-demand dating the easiest way. Igniter is one of the popular Tinder clone scripts from Trioangle that offers cutting edge technology and advanced features to develop a website like tinder quickly in a cost-effective way. 

Tinder Clone


Igniter offers smooth search filters to make the search comfortable for users. Easy profile management is another great feature that allows users to make their profiles as attractive as possible. Profiles can be integrated with Instagram. Virtual Geo-location, discovery settings, distance-based matches, rewind feature, chat with matched profiles, rejecting profiles, notifications, etc. are some of the best features of Igniter. 


Igniter offers your free server installation once the purchase is completed, which is the major pro of this website script. Free app submission, free bug support, 100% source code, 24/7 support, etc. are some of the other advantages. 


Some of the benefits like free app submission native iOS app are available only in higher pricing plans.

10. Quora

Quora is a globally popular question and answer website where questions are asked and answered by users either as facts or as general opinions. Quora website scripts allow you to build your own QA community. Quosera is one of the best clone scripts for Quora and offers easy customizations to build a unique solution. 



Quosera comes with all essential features like Quora to enable you to create a similar site with no surplus efforts. It features <embed> Support to allow users to copy-paste rich media content like links from Twitter, YouTube, etc. in the question and answer section. Powerful editor, Tex/MathML support, Ajax search, messages system, content history, verified profiles, social logins, etc. are some of the best features of Quosera. 


Fully responsive designs, powerful mobile first front-end framework, free installation, cross-browser support, cost-effective pricing plans, etc. are some of the major pros. 


Customization is designed is not available in the standard version, you have to purchase a pro version for the same.


Marketplace website scripts make it easy to start small businesses and start-ups to build their own businesses at a reasonable cost. With a website script, you can build a full-fledged multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. However, you must understand that creating a marketplace with a clone script is one thing and building an advanced version with unique features and enhancements is a different thing. The latter requires choosing the best website script to launch a fully functional multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. So, always think twice before selecting a clone script. 

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