6 Proven Steps to Attract More Instagram Followers

A notable digital footprint allows you to interact with the market profoundly, receive valuable metrics that facilitate your growth, and gives you a chance to build a solid foundation for a long-term business. Social media are especially beneficial because they round up people from different backgrounds and set up a stage to spread your voice across meridians.

Instagram allows you to visually appeal to a wide audience and keep everyone interested in your brand. Every aspect of engagement, be it like, share, or comment further extend your reach and build trust among skeptics. Furthermore, Instagram offers a series of tools that enhance customer experience and facilitate the purchase of your products.

There are various manners in which you could get Instagram followers to your profile. Some marketers even decide to buy followers and expedite the process. We decided to go on with six steps you should take to maximize your efforts and get tons of followers that most matter to your business goals.

Use the Bio section

The bio section is made to introduce your company to Instagram users. However, it can also be used for conversion in numerous ways. If you place a link to a landing page that offers discounts for Instagram followers or some other special offer, people would be more willing to become a part of your audience. Also, it’s possible to simply announce in Bio that there are special perks for members of your Instagram community. 

Australian entrepreneurial magazine “Foundr" built an amazing Instagram account with more than 2.2 million followers. Their Bio section includes general business information as well as a call to a free webinar with a short link attached to the bottom. Submission requires just name and an email address, but that's valuable information because those emails are your doorway for future marketing campaigns, even those aimed towards the acquisition of new followers.

Use other platforms to promote your Instagram page

Your audience is all over the internet, not only on Instagram, although it's currently the most popular option. However, websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn are filled with prospects that you can convert to followers. All it takes is publishing a popular piece of content from your Instagram page and see the fresh blood torrent towards your fan base.

Marketers agree that diverse audience personas are not attracted to the same social media platforms, which means that while you're building your audience on Instagram, there are even more people interested in what you have to offer just waiting on Twitter. Sharing your content across different platforms increases your potential for new followers.

Develop a content strategy

People visit Instagram to reach new content. Therefore, your mission should be to regularly publish engaging content that supports your brand voice and image. To make the best effort, you should plan your entire Instagram existence. 

Think about the type of content you wish to present, analyze your market and see if your competitors post videos or images, but don't forget to feel the pulse of your followers and what draws their attention. Be mindful of visual aesthetics, the colors, typesetting, and design should be consistent so your posts would be easily identifiable.

Leverage user-generated content

Organize a giveaway for several best photos that display your brand message or a fun use for your product. Create a catchy hashtag to be used so you could round up all of the content quickly.  This is a powerful advertising tool, but also engages your existing audience and involves new people with your account, making them potential followers.

Be humorous

Comic posts such as memes are most frequently shared, and it's not unusual for Instagram posts to end up as viral content on Facebook or some other social media platform. Humor is our natural method of easing the tension and making people feel more comfortable. To build a close bond with your followers you need to develop trust, and making people laugh is a great way to create a positive vibe.

Keep up with current trends and leverage that information to produce a fresh and intelligent meme that your audience can relate to. However, don't forget that you're primarily on Instagram to promote your business. The Girlboss Instagram page is one of the shiniest examples of how funny posts can build a massive community that keeps a business running.

Engage with your audience

The Instagram algorithm is changing rapidly. Nevertheless, engagement is still a crucial factor in making your Instagram page more popular among users. Respond to comments, reactions, and private messages to let the software know you're leading an active page. This will rank you higher in search but also make your content more visible to those who are not connected with you but keep an interest in a related niche.

Try to build your content strategy around this concept and try to provoke a response from your followers, preferably a positive response. Ask questions in the description area and interact with people in the comment section.

Also, leave comments and positive reactions to a competitor and related profiles to leave breadcrumbs towards your page. Additionally, your actions could lead to a partnership or a cooperative project in the future.


For a scaling business, social media can be a jumping board to unimaginable heights if the account is properly managed. It's imperative to plan your social media activities and keep a steady course because consistency is a priority in brand building. Creative, engaging, and user-oriented content should be the main weapon in your pursuit for a larger audience. Quality builds retention, and the more loyal followers you gather, the more soldiers you obtain to share your message and bring people to you.