Ingramer Review: My Experience In Instagram Marketing

If you run a business or building a personal brand, then you have likely wondered:

How do I grow my Instagram from scratch?

Considering the increasing competition, getting famous in this community requires efforts and time. In this review, I will provide you with truthful information about a service that helps Instagrammers on their way – from attracting followers to curating content. It might be shocking that you don't have to buy ads if you use the proper hashtags that are easily discovered in the Hashtag Generator. Hashtags work like SEO optimization for IG; they are your keywords. Also, I will explain why the win-win Ingramer Direct chat, aka CRM system, may be beneficial for your IG-based shop. 

Spoiler alert: the tools are super easy, and the service is rated 4.3 on Trustpilot. 

So, I decided to check if this rating is worthy. Let's see what I've learned. 

Hashtag generator and Direct module review

According to the testimonials, these 2 services from Ingramer are one-of-a-kind, that's why I tried them on my account. Here is the outcome – look at the percentage of the impressions I got from hashtags on one of my posts:

Hashtag generator is an AI-based service that lets you enter target words, tick the boxes and copy hashtags from the bar. As you know, hashtags research on the IG app is somewhat inconvenient – you can't copy them; there are no related recommendations. Ingramer Hashtag generator solves this problem. Here are the benefits that I like:
  • Search by an image or URL for lazy Insta users. Don't want to think over keywords? Paste the image you will post, and Ingramer will suggest you image-based hashtags. 
  • Enter up to 5 keywords per search. This feature lets you find more niche-focused and precise hashtags. Other generators I've tried allowed only the 1-word search. 
  • Analytics of a hashtag. You can tap on every hashtag and see what posts it contains and activity. This is extremely useful because no one wants to use a hashtag with obsolete or spammy content, right?
  • Real results. Yes, the growth in impressions on posts with the Ingramer hashtags is real. The searchability of my content has grown instantly. Of course, not all sets work well – you should test and try. And Ingramer lets you test various sets in one publication with the auto-updated description feature on the Scheduled posting.

Consequently, users can get traffic from 90 hashtags and get 3X more possible reach – the hashtags will change automatically in 10 minutes and in 4 hours. 

Direct Module. The second tool I decide to continue using is the Ingramer Direct Module. I must be honest – the chat is so multi-functional that a simple Insta user might not need all these features. But if you run a blog or operate orders in your shop, keep an eye on it. 

Here are the possibilities:

  • Keep messages in order via labels. Categorize people who reach you out in DM by using labels. After, you can use the opt-in filters across the chats and focus on the wanted label. 
  • Curate clients and save info for all employees. It's convenient to fill every customer's contacts and leave notes about the order status, for example. Words in notes are searchable so that you can quickly find the chat you need.

  • Cloud access for all employees. If your team consists of several Instagram managers, they will see the notes and have access to the chats without the need to know the account password. It means the Direct Module serves you as an IG customer service and a CRM all-in-one.
  • Bunch of automated messages. The Direct Module lets you adjust welcome messages, auto-replies to DMs that include keywords, run bulk-messaging. These features are must-have for those who get similar questions in DM or need to announce sales/events in messages on Instagram. The bulk-massaging and auto-replies are safe, thanks to Spintax and messages variations. 

As you see, the Ingramer Direct Module is a great tool for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and influencers. Though, I would not use it if I only need Instagram for personal use. For this category of users, Ingramer offers other tools; most of them are free.

Ingramer additional tools description

Scheduled posting. A basic scheduler for any type of Instagram content – posts, carousel posts, Stories. It is convenient to have this tool on your dashboard and curate the feed from a computer. The special feature I like the most – auto-updated description (covered a bit above). You can set the variations of your caption with many hashtags sets that will change one another in a set period of time. It will let you reach more views with hashtags. 

Target growth tool. This feature is called Promo and it helps attract the target audience to your profile by interacting with their profiles. Thus, you will like their posts, view Stories, and follow users that you chose as your target. Ingramer lets you target according to the demos, competitors, hashtags that people use. 

Now let's pass to the most interesting. The Ingramer services available without charge:

  • Profile Analyzer. I recommend trying it when you need to research competitors or future partners. You will gain valuable info about any public account, which is essential for your marketing strategy and promotion. For instance, you can view their posting time, hashtags. By checking Most commented and Most liked posts, you understand what is popular in your target segment. 

  • Instagram Downloader. Ingramer offers a vast collection of downloaders for content not just from Instagram but Facebook and Twitter. It's a goldmine for people who reuse the content across socials. You can save posts, Stories, IGTV, Facebook Watch videos, Twitter videos in high quality.  After, you can upload a video from Twitter on Instagram. The coolest feature I like – bulk profile downloads and auto-saver for Stories (they are not free). 
  • Instagram Search. Have you seen the prices for using influencer marketing platforms? You should pay to get the access to the database of influencers but Ingramer allows using their search free of charge. You can determine the category you want, demos, and the desired profiles will appear on the screen. 
  • Story viewer. A dream service for Insta-detectives who want to remain anonymous. You will see the media on your computer or phone, but your nickname will not appear among the viewers. Also, a Story can be downloaded. 
  • Fonts generator. This new service is getting popular among Insta users. If you are bored with the default Instagram characters, you can generate a custom font, carefully matching with your brand voice. It's a good idea to insert fonts in bio, posts copy, or Stories. The preview is available on the website.


Instagram offers tremendous potential for making money, but you have to know how to attract the target clients and produce valuable content. Luckily, Ingramer suggests tonnes of services that improve the life of entrepreneurs, e-commerce shops, influencers, and simple users. My experience proves that the Direct Module and Hashtag generator are tools that help monetize content, communicate with clients, and improve business processes. If you are not going to earn money via Instagram, check out the bunch of free tools made to help you stand out in this community.