Can You Still Get a ClickFunnels Plan for Only $19?

Running an online business is without a doubt a profitable activity, if you know how to play your cards right. Apart from the courage of entering the entrepreneurial race, you’ll also have to learn the ins and outs of marketing to ensure the success of your venture. It takes only a quick glimpse online to realize there are various methods to up your digital marketing game.

From building a professional website, to leveraging the power of social media or creating an effective SEO strategy, entrepreneurs and marketers have their work cut out for them. These are all great techniques you can use to gain a competitive advantage. And then there’s ClickFunnels, the tool that can solve all your issues and make online marketing feel like a walk in the park.

ClickFunnels has managed to build a name for itself in quite a short period of time and it receives stellar reviews from people who have tried it (and there’s a lot of them). But apart from its amazing benefits, those who want to try ClickFunnels for the first time are interested in one aspect in particular: how much they’ll have to pay to get ClickFunnels and if the famous $19 per month plan is still available.

Putting fun back into funnel building with ClickFunnels

Before we dive into financial matters, let’s take a look at what makes ClickFunnels so special. There are a lot of options on the market that can address different marketing needs and help you grow your business, but none of them is quite like ClickFunnels. What differentiates ClickFunnels from the rest is the fact that it offers an all in one solution for all your marketing requirements.

With ClickFunnels you can build great landing pages, create a variety of funnels, learn how to convert leads into sales and take your business to the next level fast and easy. Imagine all the work it would take to do all this with separate platforms and tools and then connect the dots. Well, ClickFunnels cuts the hassle out of the equation and encompasses everything you need in just one tool. It makes the complex process of funnel building infinitely easier and dare we say fun as well. That’s why it’s gained a reputation as the most complete marketing solution you can find.

What’s the deal with the $19 plan?

Now, when you read about all these advantages and you find out you can benefit from them for only $19 per month, it sure sounds like an offer you can’t refuse. The $19 plan was intended to be somewhat of a middle ground between a free ClickFunnels account and a promotional offer. Since most people are reluctant to commit to a pricier plan without knowing if such a software would work for them, the $19 ClickFunnels plan is quite an attractive option.

But was it the best idea? In 2019, ClickFunnels decided that they will no longer keep the $19 plan and they’ll move on to a new pricing scheme. This decision might come as a surprise to some, but if you analyze things a bit deeper, you’ll realize it was in fact a very smart move.

While the plan was indeed budget friendly, it had several drawbacks. The $19 plan worked by sharing funnels through a link using Shared Funnels, which was great for ClickFunnels affiliates. Every time someone would sign up for a ClickFunnels account through the link, the affiliate would receive money from the company.

However, the plan had its limitations, meaning there were a lot of features that users were not able to access. This made the whole experience incomplete and people didn’t have the opportunity to use ClickFunnels at its full potential. As a result, the company changed the strategy and came up with better options for their clients.

ClickFunnels pricing

There are currently three ClickFunnels pricing plans you can choose from. They all offer a variety of great features and benefits, so you should take your time and analyze each of them to pick the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Here are the plans:

Clickfunnels Plans
  • The Standard Plan – it costs $97 per month, being the cheapest of the three plans. With access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 custom domains, 1 sub-user, 3 payment gateways and chat support round the clock, this is an amazing option to get you started with ClickFunnels.
  • The Platinum Plan (once known as the Etison Suite Plan) – at $297 per month, we go one step up from the previous plan with unlimited funnels, sales and landing pages, and most importantly the chance to build your email list directly through ClickFunnels.
  • The Collective Plan – the most comprehensive plan of them all at $1,497 per month offers you unlimited funnels and pages, 27 custom domains, special training programs, priority support and VIP phone support to make you feel like a marketing superstar.

Can you get ClickFunnels for free?

If you’re not ready to just plunge in and get one of the plans listed above, don’t worry about it. You’ve still got alternatives and they’re quite attractive might we add. There are two main options you can try:

Option 1

You can get ClickFunnels for free with the 14 days free trial plan (which you can extend for another 30 days if you’re willing to enter the One Funnel Away Challenge). You’ll be able to take ClickFunnels for a test drive and decide if it’s the right tool for you.

Option 2

The second option is to get a promo offer that will give you free access to ClickFunnels for 6 or 12 months, depending on which offer you choose. The first offer is Funnel Builder Secrets that will provide a through training so you can learn all the ins and outs of building profitable funnels. The second one is Secrets Masterclass and gives you access to 10+ Secret Programs that will teach you how to use ClickFunnels to your best advantage and enjoy amazing results.