The Best Free Tools for Small Business

With new technologies and the internet, the marketing approach has changed in the last years. New tools have appeared on the market. Effective and revolutionary tools that upset the way companies operate.

If you are an entrepreneur, if you start a business, then you understand the importance of each dollar.

Although mastery and your competency is a crucial factor for the success of your business. Another important aspect is actually a marketing strategy. They said, “Marketing is about sharing your passion”. In this purpose, each company has its own tool for developing and reinforcing marketing strategy making it more efficient.

There are hundreds of free digital marketing tools that can influence your business. In addition, if you want to understand what is marketing? How and which tools to use getting a good result, here are 5 popular free tools to take a look.

Logaster logo maker


If you are looking for a way to create your own custom logo without much difficulty then Logaster, an online logo design service is for you.

A personalized logo is very important; indeed, it will accompany your company or blog throughout its course, so you must customize it to your liking. Take on board that the logo is the visual identity of the company.

The main advantage of Logaster is to be able to make a professional logo in just a few minutes without any professional skill. Therefore, it is hundreds of different templates offered to you.

Low-resolution logos are free and paid for larger resolutions. Logaster does not stop at the creation of a logo; it proposes creative packs consisting of a logo, a business card, a favicon etc.

Mail Chimp


It is a tool with more than 2.4 million of users. As you can imagine, the main functions of MailChimp are to allow you to manage a mailing list and to send newsletters. Some advantages to its use including integrated management, some types of the mailing list, the possibility of importing e-mails from different sources are available on the site. The site is also very easy to handle because it works with the system of ‘drag and drops’, everything moves and slips for an ergonomics.

Finally, essential point, the price or rather the free service up to a 12 000 e-mails sent, which leaves you some leeway before switching to paid service.

2. Hubspot


HubSpot is a software dedicated to the management of your digital marketing. Also of a corporate culture, which aims much the excellence of the performances. Finally yet importantly, it is a way to manage all your marketing actions from a single platform. Everywhere on the site, the marketing is put forward. The software is designed to help you attract visitors to your professional blog or your site; convert them into prospects and loyal customers.

HubSpot is for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry. The software allows you to create your website and your company blog, directly on the platform. A digital presence is not required to start using the tool. HubSpot lets you build your content marketing from scratch. Its tools support you every step of the marketing journey: content creation and search engine optimization, social sharing, prospect conversion, and customer retention.

What about the price of this tool, here is something to know. A price is on demand, in other words, you can use its services for free. Nevertheless, as far as your needs become bigger, you can get in on their premium model of their “Marketing Hub” and “Sales Hub” products.

Lead Squared


It is one of the best tools when it comes to increasing sales, especially for small and medium businesses. Its comprehensive enterprise acquisition solution brings more leads into the sales funnel and accelerates the lead capture process with responsive landing pages, smooth automation, and lead capture. Users also benefit from access to various sales features: segmentation, indirect marketing, and marketing information, sales funnel etc.

The use of this tool is very easy. Its platform provides users with customizable benefits. This allows you to configure your lead scores and lead stages.

LeadSquared ensures that you do not miss even the slightest detail on any track. The tool automates the lead capture process and helps automate all marketing activities. Sales are accelerated and you can use the API (Application Programming Interface) to create your own connectors.

To verify how it works in practice, you can use a 15-day free trial after signing up. Then there are some paid plans – “Basic,” “Standard,” and “Enterprise” – choose one of them considering your needs and level of support required.

Get Response


As its name suggests, this tool allows you to send and reply to emails automatically! Create a message and set your auto-responder to control the automatic sending of your messages. Besides, Get Response presents a big advantage: it is easy to use and quite accessible to beginners.

On the marketing side, you can create a newsletter, a great way to build customer loyalty or convert your prospects into customers. In fact, you keep your prospects informed of all your latest creations, promotions or news!

Finally, you can also capture emails. How? Simply by creating contact forms from your autoresponder before inserting it on your site. If you give a convincing argument to encourage a visitor to sign up then you will be able to build a list of emails from potential future customers.

For an offer 7.90 euros or 7.80 euros with 30 days free trial, it is very interesting and it allows you to take the tool before you can start paying. Even so, take into consideration that a trail version has its limits as the inclusion of the Get Response badge for every message you send and one landing page limit at a time.