VeePN Review: Is It a Good VPN?

Cyber threats are everywhere. Overlook a phishing email, enter your password on a malicious website or forget about security on a public Wi-Fi, and your data is gone. However, we are so used to the convenience of the web that giving it up seems like an impossible task. Good news – you don’t have to. To enjoy a safe browsing experience, all you need to do is use a good VPN and pay a little more attention to your actions online.

What Does a VPN Do?

A VPN is a fancy tool computer geeks use to do weird and borderline legal stuff online, right? Wrong! While it may have been true some time ago, now a good VPN is an essential part of the online toolkit of any user who cares about their privacy online. Let’s have a closer look at how it works.

A VPN (short for virtual private network) is a technology that extends a private network over a public one to ensure safe data transition. To put it simply, it’s a secure tunnel between your device and one of the servers of a VPN service. Thinking of it in terms of a tunnel helps explain other features, such as anonymity and access to blocked content.

When you are using a VPN, the target server of the website or service you want to access perceive your IP as that of the VPN’s server. This makes you practically invisible online. If someone decides to track your actions, which is already quite complicated due to military-level encryption, they won’t be able to go further than one of the thousands of the VeePN servers. And that gives away nothing, as hundreds of thousands of users can utilize the same VeePN IP address.

About VeePN Services

Let’s have a closer look at the main features and functions of VeePN service.


2500+ Servers Worldwide

The VeePN team strives to provide users all over the world with maximum online security at maximum speed. That is why the service has more than 2500 servers in 48 locations for its disposal.

Such a number allows VPN by VeePN to provide true anonymity to those who seek it, unblock blocked content, grant access to geo-restricted services while keeping the user anonymous. Even more than that, you can switch between different servers instantly without any limitations.

10 Simultaneous Connections

Only a few services on the market currently offer ten devices covered by a single subscription plan. The usual number varies between three and five, but with the increasing number of devices in our households, this doesn’t seem like a sufficient number. Moreover, VeePN provides its users with the ability to connect up to 10 devices at once, which is even rarer than the previous feature.

Connect all your devices and relatives at once, and be sure that everyone is safe and protected.

Military-Level Encryption

The service uses the highest industry standard AES-256 encryption, which protects your data from all possible threats. Even if the data is somehow captured, which already requires a substantial computing power, decrypting it will take thousands of years, and here’s why.

The AES-256 encryption utilizes a 256-bit key, which allows 2 to the power of 256, which is a number with 75 zeroes! Trying to decrypt at least one such key will take a million years! This means that your data is pretty safe with VeePN.

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

You are watching a dramatic episode of a movie or a TV series, and you are about to find whether your favorite character is alive or dead, when… The video starts buffering. Frustrating, right? Well, it won’t be a problem with VeePN. The team does its best to ensure the highest speed possible.

Moreover, the service doesn’t put any restrictions on the matter of traffic you access under your subscription, and the speed as well. The speed may decrease naturally due to the high server load or physical distance between you and the server you are trying to access, but VeePN’s team never imposes any restrictions.

Kill Switch Feature

There’s yet another danger not a lot of users are even aware of – the free Wi-Fi. As convenient as it may be, it also poses a couple of threats. Public Wi-Fis are rarely (read – never) protected or encrypted. This means that every user of the network can spoof on every other user without any significant efforts.

VeePN offers the ultimate protection – the Kill Switch feature. When you are browsing on a public hotspot using VeePN, you are protected. However, if the connection falters, your data can be exposed. Kill Switch exists just for that reason. If your connection drops, the feature interrupts the Wi-Fi as well, thus making you protected at all times.

Strict No Logs Policy

There’s no use in paying for a VPN service to protect your data if it secretly records all your actions and sells them to third parties. VeePN has a strict no logs policy, which means it doesn’t record and store any of your activity or connection data.

Moreover, the service operates under Panama’s jurisdiction, which means that no law can force the service to start recording or disclosing user data. Let’s say a government agency of an X country comes to the service and demand of them to check whether a certain user they suspect is using VPN is actually using it, and what he or she is actually doing online. The service will refuse for two reasons – first of all, there are no legal obligations that force them to agree; secondly, they simply don’t have the information.


Apps for Every Major Platform

Covering every major OS and browser is an impressive feature by itself, and combined with the fact that you can protect up to 10 devices under one subscription plan, this means you can safeguard all your gadgets at once.

VeePN is available for mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, PCs and even routers and gaming consoles. It is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. You can also install it on your router, Apple TV and Xbox or PlayStation. Pretty cool, huh?


Nothing is perfect under the sun, and this service, too, has a couple of disadvantages. Let’s have a closer look at what could have been better in the services VeePN provides.

IKEv2 Availability

Since this encryption protocol is banned in some countries, the users may need to access the service using different protocols, which may affect the speed and ping time of the connection. For some countries with strict Internet regulations, this may even mean the service won’t work at all. However, VeePN tech team is doing its best to solve this issue.

Not Lightweight

The app is not particularly as light as a feather due to a lot of features and encryption protocols embedded in the app. Its total weight amounts to 70 Mb, and there are definitely lighter variants among the competitors. If you are tight in space on your device, this might not be the best choice for now.

Speed Reduction

Despite the number of servers available and the vast coverage the service provides, there are still some limitations. If you connect to a location far away from your home country, ping time extends and connection speed drops because the signal has to travel a longer route now. This problem can be easily fixed by switching to a server in a nearby or your home country. The speed can also drop due to significant server load. This, again, can be easily treated by picking another server.


Here we are going to describe the costs of the service briefly. VeePN offers four pricing plans, so we believe every user would find something suitable for them. Here are the plans:


For more information, visit their website. If you need help while setting up an account, figuring out the best plan for you or any other matters, feel free to contact the support team via email or live 24/7 support chat.


As the Internet gets in every aspect of our lives, it’s becoming more and more difficult to protect yourself from the threats that come with it. A good VPN can be a strong ally in this battle. But how to choose a trusted and functional one?

Try VeePN, one of the best services on the market. It’s numerous security features together with an easy-to-use app and friendly support team makes it a great solution for any security trouble you might face. Subscribe now and enjoy your online browsing nice and safe!