What is the medium rectangle ad unit?

This ad unit, often referred to as simply a “rectangle” or a “300×250,” is one of the most common display ad sizes. It is found on almost every website that monetizes through display ads and used by almost every advertiser running an online campaign.

The medium rectangle is a component of the IAB’s Universal Ad Package. Below is an example of a medium rectangle ad unit on HuffingtonPost.com:

Example of a Medium Rectangle Ad Unit

There are a number of other rectangular ad units that are also somewhat common in display advertising campaigns:

  • 180×150 rectangle
  • 300×600 large rectangle

Generally, horizontal ad units are referred to as “banners” to distinguish them from rectangle units (though banner units such as the 728×90 leaderboard are, of course, technically rectangles as well).


What does the medium rectangle ad unit mean?

The medium rectangle is an ad format which is 300 x 250 pixels is arguably the most popular format being used today by advertising networks

Which one you should choose between a medium rectangle or large rectangle?

The large rectangle ad is a size that is not commonly found anywhere except on Google’s display networks. However, if the medium rectangle ad does not give you enough space to display your ad properly, the large rectangle ad may do the trick.

What are the benefits of a medium rectangle?

The size of the medium rectangle is highly appropriate for the ad because it is big enough to view in detail, yet small enough to remain unobtrusive.