What are Inpage Push Notification Ads?

Push notifications have been a very popular topic among affiliate marketers the last couple of years because of how effective they are. 

The traditional push notifications are the messages that popup on your mobile devices, that app publishers send that notify your phone whether or not your are logged into the app or not.  

You haven’t heard about InPage Push, right? Or at least there is not so much information regarding this exclusive monetization type.

Well it is a native ad that resembles Push notifications and now can monetize all different types of traffic (not just mobile) 

inpage push

Inpage Push Summary:

What are Inpage Push notifications?

Inpage Push notifications are popups that appear within a publishers website while users are browsing online. Unlike push notifications inpage push doesn’t require any users to subscribe, but only appear while online.  

How do users see Inpage Push notifications?

It’s a native side banner that consists of the title, message, and an icon. It works with every device, so you can monetize your traffic no matter the audience technologies.

Which Ad Networks Offer Inpage Push?

There are not so many networks that offer InPage Push as a monetization solution. As it was stated above, Clickadu invites you to test their solution.

Are Inpage Push Notifications Effective?  

Even though this is a newer technology, from what I have tested this has been very effective. effective. Also with inpage push you can target many devices and users that you were unable to target previously.

The main benefits of the new technology is that it looks like a push notification, but inpage push notifications are shown on a website while you are browsing. 

Did we mention that users DO NOT have to opt in to receive these notifications?  

This is one of the biggest benefits of inpage push because you are able to reach far more users while they are actually online and scrolling. Since it appears in the website, users do not have to subscribe and there are no unsubscribe options. 

Plus they get ridiculously high click through rates (CTR) compared to any traditional 

Just look at one of the campaigns from inpage push provider Clickadu (broken down by country)  

For these tests, this was a tube with adult content. You can notice how high the click through rate (CTR) and how profitably this is for the publishers. Also how effective this is for the advertisers to get the highest ROI for their ad spend. 

How To Get Started With Inpage Push Ads?

There are not a lot of Ad Networks that are offering Inpage Push yet…. But for now, I do recommend the team at Clickadu. They have many different advertising formats that you can choose from, and low minimum payouts to get testing. We have featured them in our Ad Network Review as well worked with many publishers that have used their services.