Five Reasons Why You Need an Email Validation Tool

Still on the fence about using an email validation tool? If email is one of your primary marketing channels, you shouldn’t hesitate. Email validation is the best – and fastest – way to get your list cleaned and start seeing some great email marketing ROI. Let’s see how an email validator helps you and what you need to know before picking one.

Email Marketing Validators

It removes misspelled and other invalid email addresses

In the process of cleaning your email list, these addresses are the first you’ll want to get rid of. Apart from swallowing a chunk of your email marketing budget, there’s no doubt they will result in bounces and impact your sender score.

It’s easy to have misspelled email addresses clog up your list. People make typos all the time, and they’re bound to make typos when they try to subscribe to your emails. Then, some email accounts get deactivated and become useless. An email list validation tool will eliminate them from your database.

An email validation tool will identify abuse emails

Most email marketing campaigns get at least one Spam complaint. Issues arise when you get more than that – that’s when you have to take action and start protecting your sender reputation. 

Use an email validation tool to identify abuse emails in your list. These are email accounts that belong to known complainers. To maintain your deliverability, let go of these contacts. They obviously don’t want to receive communication from you, so why would you keep them?

Spam traps – some email validators can spot them

Yes, spam traps are hard to detect, because they look like genuine email addresses. However, they’re not. Their purpose is to lure in spammers and block emails from them. So, you can see why you wouldn’t want to have them in your list. 

Even though not all spam traps are detectable, a good email validation tool will spot them and isolate them from your legitimate contacts. As soon as you weed them out, you’ll see an increase in your deliverability.

Spam Filters Validators

It validates emails in real time

You want to grow your email list, so you most likely have a signup form on your website. Also, every day, people use your registration form to create an account on your platform. How do you make sure they’re using a real, active email address? 

By installing an email validation API, you’re in control of who joins your mailing list and CRM database. This little piece of software works in the background 24/7 and validates emails in real time. It prevents typos and suggests potential corrections, and automatically rejects abuse, catch-all, or temporary emails.

Send your emails confidently and increase your ROI

Ultimately, the purpose of email marketing is to connect with your audience and increase your ROI. You can’t do that if your email list is not in good shape. Poor data quality is a risk to your email deliverability. An email validation tool like ZeroBounce helps you regain that quality and maintain it in the long run. 

When your list is up-to-date, you can email confidently, knowing that you’ll reach real people. Furthermore, once you get a chance to connect with your subscribers, you’ll see an increase in your conversions. Good email hygiene is the first step in achieving that goal. 

Email Validation Tools

What you need to know when picking an email validation tool

If you’ve never validated your list before, there are a few things you should know. Being aware of them will help you make the right choice and go with a service that offers you everything you need.

Accuracy – The most important aspect when picking an email validation tool. You want a system that guarantees results, so look for the ones that promise more than 97% accuracy.

Security – When you hand over your customers’ information to a third party, you have to be sure it’s safe. Do your research and find out as much as you can about how your email validator protects data.

Complexity – Not all email validation services are the same. Some offer basic features and will clean up your list, but are not able to perform complex tasks. Check to see if the company detects invalid, catch-all, abuse, temporary, role based emails and spam traps. 

Support – Most email validation tools are fairly easy to use: you upload your email list on the platform and get it back clean. However, you may stumble sometimes, and if you need help, you want to know someone is there to land a hand. Very few companies provide 24/7 customer support – ZeroBounce is one of them.


When you take it seriously, email marketing can turn into a great source of revenue. Grow your list the right way, keep it clean, and you’ll build a solid, successful program. Also, don’t forget to email your subscribers consistently and send them useful, personalized content.

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