The Top 10 Website and Landing Page Builders with ZERO Programming Required

No matter you are an experienced marketer or a small business owner, you need a website to promote your business.

Different social media channels or other platforms can become a great online presence strategy. They are, of course, very critical in digital marketing. Nevertheless, none of them can promote your business the way and deliver stronger marketing messages than websites do.

Building a website is not an easy task. It demands proper consideration in order to be unique, distinctive and reliable for your customers. Hiring a digital marketing agency can give you an overall control in terms of SEO, ranking, visibility, conversions and sales. Nevertheless, before it you need to design, code and modify your website, and that is all after coming up with a name. This process demands constant attention.

When you think about building and redesigning a website, the first idea that comes is hiring a web developer. However, due to a number of website builders available online, the process has become more affordable and easy.

Website Builder

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What is a website or landing page builder?

Taking general, we can define a website or landing page builder, like a tool, which allows creating your own website without having any coding and designing skills.

When you search “a website builder”, you will meet a great number of options. However, while making a choice, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Usage of mobile-friendly tactics
  3. Integration of social media tools;
  4. Integration of eCommerce tools;
  5. SEO-friendliness.

All these are important for gaining potential visitors and targeting them to increase your sales. Integrating SEO services into your website will give another value to your website-building process. Hence, you need to choose an SEO-friendly website builder.

Web Design Station

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How does these landing page builders work?

Generally speaking, these tools are designed the way that all can use it without additional efforts. With the help of a drag-and-drop editor, you can build your own website in a short time. To get a deeper understanding, however, you can review and test them to make a good selection. Let us see some qualified landing page builder which are worth using.

This platform is designed by a French marketer. With its tools, it has similarities with ClickFunnels (you can meet this approach in reviews). Many people think that it can completely replace it in case of some issues. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on personal preference which one to choose. In case you do not want to invest much money, this will be a good selection for you, as it is cheaper in comparison to most of these tools and what I use for my systemeio webinars and has a lot of new and amazing features. editor


  • Suggests language preference: ( French and English)
  • Mobile responsive;
  • Speed optimized.


  • Design flexibility;
  • No integration of additional important tools.

While searching for the best website builders, you will meet Clickfunnels in the first pages of search engines. It is a tool that provides with great experience for almost all marketers. If you do not hire a digital marketing company and are not experienced in programming and coding, then it will be a good option for you. With the help of it, the pages that you build inside of a sales funnel can bring you business success. It is a fast and easy solution.



  • Includes A/B testing;
  • Builds sales funnels that convert in a short time;
  • Follow-up the website visitors after leaving it;


  • Cost is not available for everyone;
  • If you stop paying you do not manage to access your funnels.

Leadpages is a good selection for advertising and increasing sales. Its tools allow informing people about your product and make a buying decision in the same place. It helps to create a business-customer connection and in the end get sales.


You can choose Leadpages for different reasons. It is great for:

  • Collecting quality leads;
  • Increasing revenue;
  • Connecting with your audience.


  • Targets potential buyers through emails it captures;
  • Responsive drag and drop editor;
  • Mobile-friendliness.


  • Adds codes in the pages that are not necessary and can impact SEO;
  • Standard accounts can only make contact through email.

Everyone with basic computer and internet knowledge can easily use it on any device. Wix ensures to have a great design and structure as its templates are designed by professional graphic designers. It means that you can get a well-optimized website for all type of devices. It will, of course, help your SEO. As SEO is inseparable part of eCommerce businesses, Wix includes tools and tactics which you can use for your website ranking and bring organic traffic.

wix editor


  • Provides 24/7 customer support;
  • Provides 14-day money-back guarantee;
  • Has a good site speed.


  • Free plan is only for Wix branding;
  • Transferring your website away from Wix costs much.

Email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy to target your audience. That is the reason that Thrive Leads is among the most popular website builders.

Any website can have traffic. However, this traffic can be useless if they do not make certain actions, in the word “convert”. With the help of Thrive Leads you can turn your website traffic into potential leads. This is only one of its tools. It includes a number of tools and the combination of them can bring you success.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this is the website that we use personally and I believe is one of the best WordPress themes. It does take some time to setup, so you may want to hire a digital marketing agency to set this up for you,  Read more about it on our review and detailed instructions.

thrive editor


  • Themes for all type of websites;
  • Focus on conversion and UX;
  • Integration with other services.


  • Lack of shopping carts;
  • Mainly text support.

When speaking about Divi, it is worth making parallels and differentiates two separate things: The Divi Theme and the Divi Builder. It is really an advanced and flexible website builder. It is a completely new platform which suggests great designs with efficiency, flexibility and creative approach. It has a huge number of users due to its innovative and unique features.

divi editor


  • Purchasing a lifetime license and using it for an unlimited amount of websites;
  • Many support channels;
  • Responsive editing.


  • Theme options;
  • Not clean code.

This landing page builder suggests three different industries: eCommerce, SAAS, and agency. Building a website is not enough for a successful business. You will need to optimize every page of it for search engines to gain traffic and visibility. One of the main reasons of choosing Unbounce is that it covers some of this type of issues. Any digital marketing agency needs landing pages quickly in order to bring their campaign ideas into reality. Time is precious, and that is the reason most people choose it as there is no need to wait. It is really very quick.

Unbounce Editor


  • Quickly building, publishing and testing;
  • Suggests a great variety of options to customize your content;
  • Allows creating your own custom background.


  • You will fail to split test your existing pages that you have built without Unbounce;
  • It does not show in case there is a configuration error when fields are not correctly mapped.

It can be a powerful tool for startups and small and medium businesses. Launchaco is a responsive and feature-rich option. Among its advantages is that it has a strong emphasis on working well on all devices. It supports CCS, HTML, and JS. It customized each section of your website very quickly.



  • Flexible;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Does not require any coding.


  • Not suitable for larger websites;
  • Not suitable for multi-page websites.

One of its keys is simplicity. It is a great option if you build a landing page for PPC and other similar programs. They really greatly function. It is quite easy to create a menu system which helps to link to another landing page or URL. They create mobile-responsive pages and there is no need to design each page several times. You can design different pages and link them as they will work on any device similarly without any errors.

Instapage editor


  • Suggest professional templates;
  • Helps to improve conversion rate;
  • Mix different marketing campaigns.


  • Little choice to page width;
  • Changing text colours can be a little challenging.

10. Landingi

People who are eager to create high-converting landing page templates, Landingi is a good selection for them. It gives you all the necessary templates, dropdown menus as well as does not require an additional payment for add-ons. Besides, moving texts around the page does not require additional efforts. It includes large template library of different range of industries.



  • Responsive customer support;
  • Includes A/B testing;
  • Opportunity to integrate different email apps.


  • Less video integration;
  • Errors with speed (not always).


Choosing a website builder that can create an effective interaction of a website with search engines, SEO services and other SEO-related processes is another challenge.

Finally, which is the best option for your business? This is a question that does not have an exact answer.

 “The best” depends on your business type, your budget and your business needs.

While making a decision, you can create a small plan and ask yourself questions. It will help you to understand which of these options best cover your own goals and your audience goals, as well you can make analysis to understand the reviews of your competitors and their experiences.