CRO Tips for Creating a Sales Funnel With

When you run a business that relies on online revenue, it's hard to measure exactly how many customers are on your website. Gauging interest isn't as straightforward as it is with a brick-and-mortar store. It's also harder to measure what percentage of the customers who visit your website are making a purchase and following your calls to action.

That is why a sales funnel is a valuable tool: it allows you to learn more about your demographic. Understanding your shoppers will help you appeal to them and offer a solution to common problems they may be facing. 

Essentially, a sales funnel is the path that a potential customer takes from interest to action. With a brick-and-mortar store, the sales funnel would begin when they enter the store and end when they buy something.

However, the people who enter a sales funnel don't always make a purchase. Sometimes, they'll exit the path.

Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize your funnel and improve the effectiveness of your marketing to increase your chances of clinching a sale.

Creating a well-oiled funnel isn't easy. Using a tool like can simplify the process. This tool is designed to help you build and maintain organized sales funnels.

Here, we're going to give you a complete review so you can get started with an amazing sales funnel that works.


What is positions itself as an all-in-one marketing software for launching a business. It is an innovative, all-in-one marketing software that can build and maintain sales funnels. The company claims that the tool can help business owners save time and money. It does this by expediting common business practices. Rather than use multiple software or other personnel to manage leads, can do everything for you. 

Created by French entrepreneur Aurelien Amacker, the service is now a competitor against ClickFunnels, another similar software. While both of these programs are designed to make sales funnel generation easier for users, has received a lot of praise as a more affordable alternative to ClickFunnels. also allows users to sell products and services online. It does this by using a course creator that creates and displays online courses under different domains.

The software makes it easy to control the visual appearance of your site. It has many useful features like the drop editor, which helps you create the complete structure of an online course. It also lets you add payment processors and landing pages for clients.

The point of is that it automates features on your site. This makes your online business much easier to manage.

Type Of Funnels

How Does it Work? has many different features. Here are some of the features you'll get the most use out of.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

This feature lets you create web pages easily, even if you don't know how to code. It does this by offering you instructions and guiding you through the easy-to-use interface.

It's quite easy to be creative using the tools in the drag and drop builder. You can create stunning pages that reflect the personality of your brand.

Custom Enrollment Landing Pages

Landing pages should guide users to action. The more thought-out your landing page is, the more effective your call to action will be. Having a high-quality landing page will increase your conversion rate. gives you access to many valuable resources. You can even have your landing page built by an expert in the industry.

Affiliate Programs

With, you can create customized affiliate programs. Affiliate programs attract customers and help you make an additional product when they make a purchase.

Custom Domain Integration

Custom domains make sites appear more user-friendly. Your domain name should be representative of your brand and the products that you offer.

Database of Contacts

One of the ways that the software lets you stay organized is by keeping a contacts database. This integrated database will store the names and information of customers and leads.

Sales Analytics

The sales analytics tool is important because statistics should inform marketing activities. Tracking these variables will help you make any necessary changes to optimize your site better.

How to Use the Tool for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers and converting them into individuals who are interested in the products and services that your company offers.

There are many different lead generation strategies like blog posts, coupons, and other types of online content.

Essentially, lead generation is about finding unique ways to make your business seem desirable in the eyes of your target audience.

When potential clients engage with your company because of their natural instinct, the transaction that follows is much more organic. Generating strong leads will make selling your product easier.

You can use for lead generation thanks to its landing page builder. Lead generation landing pages are supposed to be direct.

A search engine user navigated to your site for a particular reason. They shouldn't have to hunt for whatever content it is that they're searching for.

When they complete the action you called them to do, both you and the customer benefit.

A well-optimized landing page will help you generate leads and increase your overall website traffic.


Tips for Creating a High Converting Lead Generation Funnel

There are several effective strategies for creating a high converting lead generation funnel. Here is a breakdown of some of those strategies:

  • Using directional and visual cues. As mentioned before, the best way to generate leads is to have a clear landing page. This means using bright, colorful, and large visual cues to guide your visitor's eye.
  • Ease-of-use. No one will stay on a site if it's challenging to navigate. Make sure you have a simple layout, concise copy, and clear buttons.
  • Compelling calls to action. Your calls to action are essential because they are what separates a prospect from a purchase. Make sure you use sales copy that motivates them to buy.
  • Mobile compatibility. Mobile compatibility is essential to CRO. Many consumers browse from their phones nowadays. If your site doesn't work on mobile, you're less likely to see an increase in sales.
  • A/B Testing. Anytime you make changes to your site, test both versions so you can see which is the most effective. You'll be able to clearly see what elements are effective and which elements aren't.
  • Clear value propositions. Posing a solution to your prospect's problem is a tried and true marketing tactic. Make sure it's clear what you're offering to a potential customer, and explain what makes your product different from other products in the same category.
Check out our guide for a more in-depth guide on landing page CRO tips


With, you can choose between 3 pricing plans: startup, webinar, and enterprise.


  • Startup. The startup package only costs $27 a month. With this package, you have support for up to 5,000 email subscribers and 3 membership websites.
  • Webinar. The webinar package costs $47 a month. This package offers you support for up to 10k email subscribers, 5 membership websites, and 3 webinars. You can create 2 custom domains with this package.
  • Enterprise. The enterprise package is their most expensive plan. For a monthly fee of $97, you get support for up to 15,000 email subscribers and unlimited use of all the software's features. You can create up to 5 custom domains.

These price points are much lower than those of other similar software. But, you don't get fewer features. provides great value for your purchase.

No matter what membership tier you have, you can cancel at any time.



  • Ease-of-use. One of the reasons that is so popular is because it's user-friendly. The features are easy to access, and the interface is easy to navigate. You can easily use the features to design a personalized website, even if you have no experience coding. A well-designed website will make conversion rate optimization much easier.
  • Affordability. When you compare to other similar tools on the market, you'll notice that it is almost four times cheaper. You even have access to a free 14-day trial, so you can explore the interface and features before you commit to subscribing. The most affordable plan starts at only $27 per month, whereas ClickFunnel's cheapest plan starts at $97 per month.
  • Email auto-responders. It has integrated email storage. You can easily send individual and public messages, newsletters, and more.
  • Payment flexibility. offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to what payment processors you can use. This makes it easier to cater to a broader audience.
  • Mobile compatibility. Mobile compatibility is essential to a high conversion rate. offers mobile support so you can customize your site to ensure a pleasant mobile experience. You can even set up your website on mobile.
  • No hidden fees. Many programs trick you by discreetly charging fees that you didn't know about. Even though is constantly undergoing updates and introducing new features, there's no additional cost to users.


Not many people report cons when they use One complaint that people have had in the past is that they struggled to reach customer support.

More CRO Tips

  • Use a heat map. You can install a heat map or tracking tool on your landing pages that allow you to see where people spend the most time on your website. This will help you pinpoint what areas of your site are the most effective at converting users. It will also help you uncover any flaws.
  • Make the purchase feel urgent. Many people hold off on a purchase because they want to make sure they really need whatever it is they're buying. One way to encourage a prospect to buy something is to offer a time-sensitive discount. This sense of urgency will make them more likely to convert.
  • Distinguish between micro and macro conversions. Buying a product, newsletter subscriptions, and memberships are all examples of primary conversion goals. Micro conversions are smaller actions like viewing a page on your site or following your company on social media. Macro conversions are more direct, whereas micro conversions simply increase engagement. You should know the difference and prioritize both.
Funnel Builder Steps

Trust seals. Consumers aren't very trusting nowadays. To seem like a trustworthy company, you should display verification tags. Ensuring that your payment processor is secure and the customer's information is safe will make them more likely to buy something.

Final Thoughts 

We hope this review helped you grasp just how important a sales funnel is. If you run a business, having a well-designed sales funnel can dramatically improve your sales and help you scale your business. Since setting up a sales funnel is a bit tricky, you may want to consider using a tool like to help you. 

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to create leads. Using the landing page building feature, you can easily create a high converting lead generation sales funnel. Having a well-optimized landing page makes it easier for your prospect to find what they're looking for and complete an organic purchase.

In addition to the sales funnel features, you can set up email marketing campaigns, sell online courses, launch a blog, create affiliate programs, automate your business, and more.

For those reasons, is a great option for businesses who want software that can streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

Best of all, is significantly cheaper than other similar software on the market. If you're not in yet, try out the free 14-day trial. This no-obligation offer will let you explore all of the features of so you can see the advantages for yourself.

Conversion rate optimization doesn't have to be difficult. Using these strategies, you can effectively scale your business and create a more seamless user experience. Follow these tips, and you'll see that your business has more customer interaction and trust.

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