Shuup Vendor-Marketplace Website Review

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own multi-vendor marketplace like an eBay, Amazon, or Etsy? Of Course You HAVE!! The idea of a sclabale business where hundreds of different businesses selling on your platform, is the ultimate business model. 

However, for most of us the technical requirements to handle this many customers and sales is not achievable for most.The security issues, requirements for vendors and customers to create their own profiles and handle transaction, while keeping it secure to hackers, is a lot for most small WordPress types to handle. 

Today I am excited to review the Shuup Review Marketplace Platform with their proprietary software that they use to build marketplaces for their customers.This is a very effective and cost efficient way to create a your own marketplace community.

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About Shuup Marketplace Software 

Shuup initially launched in 2014, but was doing business under a different brand for many years before. After creating several marketplaces for Fortune 500 companies, decided it was time to create a create a more customizable software for many different types of companies. 

They now focus on efficient development and solutions from growing marketplaces. Instead of having an expensive developer who must learn your system, or WordPress that can not handle large databases, this is a much easier solution for professional sellers.  

Their 3 different types of Marketplaces Include: 

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1. Single Marketplace (Amazon Model)

For this type of business model, you have one central control where businesses get to setup their own vendor pages. This is the most popular kind of product pages like Amazon. It is imperative to find a system to prevent fraud, have internal detections, accounting, shipping, and all other logistics. Not too mention that a lot of people will try to hack you, as with most eCommerce, so make sure your users are secure.

2. Multiple Marketplace (Shopify Model)

This model gives all of their clients to abilities to create their own websites within your marketplace on their own urls. This works great for MLM, Financial Planners, Affiliate Marketers, Click-funnels approach for entrepreneurs looking to build their own websites. 

3. VR & AR Marketplaces

The future of eCommerce will be the complete submersible atmosphere that we have only seen from a few billion dollar companies like Sephora trying to launch right now. They do provide custom solutions for this specs, so you can use your own glasses to get right into this picture. We are still early at this, so no out of the box solution, but the team has built some solutions with this and are one of the very few companies available to complete a project at this scale. 

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Shuup Marketplace Admin Panel

One of the biggest values of Shuup is the quality of their admin panel. This company has been in the business for years, and developed thousands of different solutions for clients. They have their proprietary back-end, so even if you are not looking for a site can you use their open source solutions to build upon and offer this as something you may want. 

The features can really be divided into two sets: 

Vendor Admin Side

This is the option where you need to control all variables. This includes taxes, shipping, reviews, categories, tags, every single setting imaginable. 

Shipping Details

Customer Admin Panel

When I refer customer, this can either be the actual customer profile, as well as the business profiles. These will be your customers, but both actually need to have different settings and control to make our receive different payments. 

Customer Selection

The Overall Look & Feel

They have a very simple but efficient look and of course works on all mobile devices.  These have been proven to convert and have the customized features built in to your website. customizable eCommerce solutions. They Combine Point of Sale, E-commerce, Delivery, SaaS, and Multi Vendor to create your exact solution. Examples of clients worked with. Grocery on Demand, pet industry, Restaurant Industry

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Plans & Options Available 

Like most software companies, they do provide custom solutions on all plans. Instead of using a WordPress / Joomla options, that you have to may save at the beginning but will cost you much more in the long run. This is because many of these sites can not handle larger databases, so its starts of cheaper and grows  

This is why we recommend for marketplaces using a software like Shuup

Small and medium businesses

This is the option for most businesses who are starting from will be interested in. It really can encompass most of the options you will ever want, and can always hire them to add something for you. Their hosting is quite reasonable for its pricing, of a corporate solution, but it is not the cheapest options for Marketplaces. 

Shuup Plans Small Biz

Corporate and Custom Marketplaces

Are you looking for something Enterprise or super custom?  Like the VR AR, not just a highly converting eCommerce marketplace?  They have the ability to do this, and are working from their platform saving time on development. However, this is a custom pricing and for those in this industry expect to pay thousands of hosting & updates respectively. Your not going to own a large marketplace with the ability to scale to millions of users, and not have server and technology costs.

Shuup Custom

However, for those of us in the software space and know what it is like dealing with developers will truly understand how amazing Shuup is. They outline their initial specs (with signups of at each stage) and deliver on a fixed rate quote with options for (hourly) for additional changes and upkeep. You need to contact them for a custom quote thought. 

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Final Thoughts 5 / 5 For Custom Marketplaces

There are many different aspects required in building and scaling a marketplace, especially when we go over all the, shipping, products, reviews, and specifications. Not to mention secure, so you do not have a hacker adding currency to an account and stealing tens of thousands from you without ever knowing. 

If you are looking for more information on this,  please reach out to Shuup and get a custom quote. This is a fast and affordable marketplace launch to get you in business and ready to scale.

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