Easy Steps to Optimize and Monetize Your Amazon Product Listings

In 2019, ecommerce represents a world of opportunity to generate passive income, work online and even become a successful entrepreneur. Unless you want to build your own marketplace website, Amazon is the easiest and best option to build an ecommerce business.

When approached correctly, it is possible to drive a large number of sales, bring in substantial revenue and built a profitable business through selling products on Amazon. In order to do this, it is essential to optimize your product listings in order to maximize sales and revenue.

In this article we will look at the simple and effective ways you can optimize your Amazon product listings for maximum revenue.

Use Keywords To Drive Sales

Similar to Google, Amazon uses an algorithm to rank its product listing search results. Amazon’s is called the A9 algorithm and ranks products based on three main factors:

  • Sales potential (as these will make Amazon the most money!)
  • Keywords (for relevance)
  • Reviews

Ranking your product highly on Amazon search results is the number one thing you can do to drive more traffic to your listing and increase sales. Conduct keyword research to identify the best keywords to improve your rankings. The ideal keywords are those which also sell your product and improve conversion rates.

Once you have compiled a list of keywords which have the highest volumes of searches while being relevant to your audience, create your product listings by including as many keywords as possible in the product title, bullet points and product description. Be sure to integrate keywords in a way which does not compromise readability or detract from your quality copy. Using pipes and dashes to break up keywords, as well as long tail keywords, can help with this.

Competition Analysis

Analyzing your competitors can be beneficial in a few ways, but particularly for determining the most profitable keywords. You can use tools such as Amzscout (shown below) to test the keywords you have identified through keyword research and work out which are likely to bring in the most leads, and to be most profitable.

The data provided in these tools should be taken with a grain of salt, but they do give you an idea of estimated revenue and monthly sales for each keyword. Competition analysis is invaluable in developing your sales, marketing and general business strategies. It allows you to borrow from what is working well for your competitors, and avoid the tactics and techniques which are not working so well.

I know that the data can be a bit overwhelming, but there are many great guides and youtube videos online. I started off my Amazon business with coloring books actually, because they are on the most scalable and lower capital required.  I learned a lot from this guide on How To Sell Books On Amazon by writing ebooks with no costs to deliver, before branching into other FBA products. 

Use the Glance-able Test

Around 90% of users do not fully read Amazon listings. In today’s fast-paced world, you have a few seconds to capture their attention before they click the back button on their browser. Therefore, it is crucial that your listing looks inviting and engaging from the very first glance: this is what we call the “glance-able” test. Check your listings and make sure they pass!

The aim of the glance-able test is to earn the next 30 seconds of your potential customer’s attention. From there, almost all buyers will make a purchasing decision within this 30 second window, based on the following:

  • Product title
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Images

The key to increasing conversions is to make sure your listing captures visitors’ attention within the few seconds, and persuades them to buy in the following 30 seconds through an effective title, positive reviews, the right price and strong images. This guide to Amazon marketing​​​​ provides more information on optimizing your listing for maximum conversions.

Optimize Your Title

Because the product title is one of the factors customers are most likely to consider in making a purchasing decision, this is the most important text in your listing. The perfect title should do three things:

  • Immediately tell potential customers what your product is and what functions, secondary uses, and benefits it has
  • Contain multiple primary keywords
  • Be persuasive and engaging in order to “win the click” of your customers

You need to do all of this within the maximum length allowed by Amazon, which is currently 200 characters. In order to include as many keywords as possible without sacrificing readability or persuasiveness, either use long tail keywords, pipes and dashes to break up keywords, or both. Above all else, always write for your customer first.

Sell Your Product Through the Bullet Points

The bullet points at the top of your listing are the “product features” section, which is distinct from the “product description”. These are critical for selling your product, as they represent an opportunity for you to provide more information on the specifications and benefits.

Customers are more likely to read these bullet points than the longer-form product description section. They generally read this section when trying to make up their mind whether to buy a product, or if they are looking for a specific feature in particular. Therefore, this is your opportunity to close the deal.

Firstly, be sure to include as much detail as possible, such as features, dimensions, materials, accessories, battery life – whatever you can think of. Customers love detail and if they are checking whether your product has a particular feature you want to ensure you include this information. As always, keep the user in mind and be sure that your text is engaging, persuasive and sells. Last of all, don’t forget to include your keywords in here also, to help with rankings!

Selling products on Amazon represents amazing opportunities for revenue, profit and even building a substantial ecommerce business. In order to stand out from the competition and maximise sales, it is essential to apply certain strategies and techniques which optimize your product listings, attracting more visitors and exponentially increasing the revenue you can earn.

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