How to monetize your website efficiently

Wondering how to monetize your website successfully? Look no further, as Adcash’s Publisher Managers have prepared a complete monetization guide for you. Adcash is an online advertising platform that has been running since 2007, so their team has a lot of knowledge to share. This article is helpful for all, whether you’re a highly experienced publisher or a complete newbie. 

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How to start monetizing

Before starting to monetize, webmasters should focus on growing their audience. They should try to get as many visitors and as much traffic as possible. It’s also important to understand your website visitors’ behavior: why they visit the site, where they come from, how they interact with the content and how long they spend on the site. Additionally, knowing your audience is essential when picking the right ad format for your site as it is important to choose an ad format that keeps your visitors engaged thereby maximizing your earnings. Once you have enough traffic and know your audience, then it’s time to get started! 

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Strategical advice on effective monetization

Time and constant steady traffic volumes are the key elements in efficient monetization. Thus, when opting for a new platform, you should allow it to get stable volumes during the testing period, so the system would be able to learn what optimization settings bring the best results. Even if you’re an experienced publisher and know how your traffic works, it’s still important that you stay patient, so the system can start generating results.

During the testing period, it might be necessary to change or tweak the setup. Therefore, publishers need to be patient as it might take 2-3 days up to a week depending on the website and its volumes before it will start generating expected results. The clients who run multiple tests and go deeper into the analysis are the ones who will get the best results in the long-term.

Use a narrow campaign selection and whitelisting only when you need to apply some necessary restrictions. Otherwise, it might limit your overall earnings and exclude the exploration of new demand sources.

Working exclusively with one network usually plays out better than combining different networks. If you’re using multiple networks at the same time, it’s important to understand that most of the networks have more or less the same campaigns. In addition, using multiple networks affects user experience that could damage both earnings and the overall website performance. Using only one network at a time helps you discover their full potential, as they can sell your traffic at a higher price which ultimately means more revenue for you.

How to choose the right ad format for your website

Choosing the most suitable ad formats and placements to display on your website mostly depends on your audience, site’s layout and the type of content you have. Trying and testing different ad formats and placements helps you understand which solutions are preferred by your users and bring the highest eCPMs and fill rate. Most times, it’s best to use 1 or 2 ad formats on the same page. But firstly, let’s find out what ad formats and layouts could you use.


For websites with a lot of content and images (eg. Pinterest and Buzzfeed), we’d recommend using Native Ads. This non-intrusive ad format blends with the overall content and doesn’t affect the user experience. Native ads are a good way to keep your users engaged and at the same make some good money with it.

If your website has purely video content, then Pop-Under will be the most suitable and profitable format. A winning combination on the for these sites is Pop-Under used together with Banner ads (especially 300x250). This mix has proven to bring very good results for publishers on the Adcash platform. Ad placement matters most with sports sites. Since publishers with those sites can be more aggressive and intrusive when showing ads due to the fact that the users are very interested to access the content those websites provide anyway.

There are many major sports events taking place this summer, which can also greatly benefit the publishers. In order to reap the benefits of high-budget sports campaigns requires a little tweaking on the publishers’ side too, more info can be found here.

Choose a platform and start earning

There are many options to choose from, select the one that suits your needs and start monetizing! Do a little research before settling down, so you can be sure that the platform will take good care of you. The top players offer real time performance analysis and statistics, flexible payments and attentive support team. That’ll make your monetization journey as smooth and profitable as possible!

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