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Push notifications are the most effective marketing tool for mobile app publishers to interact with their users. These notifications are designed to popup on your phone or computer and display an alert from one of your apps, even when they are not currently open. This provides a better experience for your users so they do not have to login each time to see if they received a message, and allows for app publishers to stay top of mind with their users.

However, until recently the only way for advertiser to use this type of marketing was to create and market their own app. saw this as an opportunity and created the first push notification network for advertisers implementing this technology. Their platform now makes it possible for advertisers to send targeted push notifications to both their desktop and mobile devices users to their 100+ Million active users worldwide. Ad Network Review

What is a Push Notification?

Most people are familiar with push notifications because they appear on the home screen of your phone. These notifications can be categorized as transactional purchases, local offers, system generated alerts, or important software updates. They provide timely and targeted information to consumers, and is far less intrusive than sending an email or text message. 

Seeing that push notifications come standard on every single mobile phone, most major apps like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Starbucks are fully utilizing this technology. This can range from someone liked your post on Facebook, or your Uber is waiting outside, and even provide location based coupons for the times you actually walk by Starbucks without stopping for a coffee.  

The Benefits of Push Notifications For Advertisers  

Push notifications provide one of the highest click through rates of any media and have many other benefits. As an advertiser you can send real time notifications to your users that trigger immediate responses. These notifications can be customized for your target audience and app publishers can choose from sending badges, sounds, updates, and even custom alerts or warnings.
  • More than 60% of users share their location
  • 50% of all interactions occur in less than 1 hour
  • 75% of customers believe location based alerts are useful
  • Very low ignore rates by customers (less than 10%)
  • In fact the highest engagement from push notifications among different industries is eCommerce with special coupons or limited time options. 

    About The MegaPush Ad Network 

    MegaPush is the first advertising network for delivering advertisement to users through push notifications. Established in 2018 MegaPush has become the leader in this space thanks to its high-quality traffic and innovative technologies. With 20 million clicks per day and traffic from all of the world, MegaPush is becoming very popular with advertisers and for very good reasons. Sales

    What can you advertise with MegaPush?

    As an experienced media buyer I am excited to write that MegaPush is affiliate and CPA friendly! They do allow gambling, sweepstakes, dating, binary, crypto verticals. The team at MegaPush is very upfront with their user and fees (and rules). In fact, you can see it on their homepage with average pricing and users per country. 

    • Traffic from all over the world
    • More than 20 million clicks per day
    • Detailed target settings (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP)
    • Payment system by CPC model
    • Minimum price of 0.001 $ per click
    • Full tracker (no need to use third-party trackers)
    MegPush Ads

    How To Get Started & Create You First Campaign 

    One of the first things you will notice when setting up your accounts is how simple the user dashboard is to use. The main page displays all your key metrics including your number of clicks and total ad spend. You can tell that the team at MegaPush comes from an affiliate marketing background and this shows clearly in their technologies and the way everything is setup. It takes just 3 steps to have your first campaign setup and running.

    1. Start by signing up on their website and deposit funds into your account. There is a minimum deposit of $100 usd and they offer bonuses for larger deposits. You can choose from many different payments options including Paypal, credit, and direct transfers. If you are tired of "hodling" you can even pay with Bitcoin and make more money from your investment to buy even more Bitcoin (hehe). Rates

    2. Click on the Start a New Campaign button on the left menu and update your campaign settings. This is the only page that needs to be filled out, so check each drop down for further explanations and features if you have any questions. Some of the other specific targeting includes OS, platform, country, browser, ISP. Your image needs (492 x 328 pixels) and the icon (192 x 192 pixels). You will most likely need to resize your images with an online editor.

    Even though the minimum click price of less than a cent, the average costs differs from countries. When you select the country, it will show you the minimum, average, and top bids required per click. Their system is based on a Cost Per Click (CPC) with different minimum and average pricing for different countries. The USA minimum CPC is  $3.20 and more expensive then Vietnam minimum bid at $.50. Create Campaign

    3. Optimize and keep improving. As an affiliate you can not always expect to have a profitable campaign right from the start. Split testing is key to increase conversion rates allow you to scale to profits. Try alternating images, text, times of the day, browsers, devices, and different offers. With 20+ million clicks per day (and growing) you will be able to get directly in front of millions of clients and will not need any third party tracking apps as everything is built into the statistics page. Ad Example

    Final Recommendations

    Despite all of the may benefits of push notifications, very few marketers are leveraging this technology because they do not own a mobile app. As an internet marketer, I witnessed first hand the high click through rates and responsiveness for some of the clients we worked with whenever we sent out a notification. This is because consumers are constantly being bombarded with more and more ads, and why advertisers are looking for new and innovative technology that ensure our messages get seen.  

    This is why I was excited to see one of the newer Ad Networks Megapush that only does Push Notifications and is CPA and affiliate friendly ad network. They offer 24/7 support and are upfront with their CPC. For the most updated pricing and features please see and start with your own campaigns today!