ExitIntentAdNetwork.com Review

Did you know that there is a way for website owners to actually profit from visitors that were trying to leave your website? Imagine a tool that could automatically sense when a visitor's mouse is about to navigate away, but instead gave you one last chance to earn their business. This marketing strategy is called an Exit Intent Popup and is very effective for re-engaging visitors and boosting conversions.  

Let's demonstrate the effectiveness of this online strategy for a traditional bricks and mortar clothing store. The idea of an exit intent would be equivalent to the store owner waiting by the door and speaking with each customer as they were leaving. The owner could give each customer that did not purchase a limited time coupon, ask them to enter a draw, download a free book, show similar products, provide testimonials, or just ask them if they had any questions and provide support. Do you think this would generate more sales?  

Now instead of actually waiting at the door, what if you could automate this and ask every person who is leaving your website without purchasing one thing.... what would it be? For example, I added a similar feature on one of my landing pages I was able to increase my email signups by 11%. Visitors were able to get value from my content and may not have been ready to buy at that exact moment, but just before they leave a targeted popup displayed for a free download. 

The team at the Exit Intent Ad Network  saw how effective this marketing strategy is and created their entire business around it. There is now a solution for both advertisers and publishers to make even more from their websites and are the first Ad Network to do this.    

How Do Exit Intent Popups Work?

This software is designed with artificial intelligence to detect the rapid movement from a visitor's mouse if they are trying to navigate away from your website. You probably do not want me to get into all the technical details, but you understand how beneficial this is being able to display a targeted advertisement at this critical moment. The consumer psychology of having an ad come up from a more trusted source (after reading the website) leads to a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) versus displaying right away. 

About The Exit Intent Ad Network

While searching for different Exit Intent Popup software, I came across a newer but growing company called the exitintentadnetwork.com. The company was founded in 2018. While most Ad Networks are focused on only displaying ads that their customers can see, it is exciting to see an Ad Network focusing on this neglected niche. I mean who wouldn't want to make money from visitors who were actually trying to exit your website.  

ExitIntentdNetwork Home Page

Advantages For Advertisers 

The Exit Intent Ad Network is CPA and Affiliate friendly and works very well for arbitrage. Some of their highest converting verticals include Free Offers, Dating, Make Money, Casino, Adult, and Weight loss. They experience far higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) then other Ad networks like RevContent or Taboola. The benefits a full page and targeted popup makes sure that your visitors engage with your ads.  


The rates are based on CPM and are optimized for conversions. The traffic you receive costs from start at $4 for every 1000 impressions. The minimum deposit for advertisers is only $10 USD to setup your account. Even starting with a small budget will allow you to test the traffic and experience the high CTR for yourself. 

Cons For Advertisers 

The Exit Intent is a newer Ad Network with a smaller team, and is lacking some key features. At the time I am writing this only desktop traffic is served and there is no bidding by domain or blacklist available yet. Also the targeting is limited to only categories and do not have separate bidding for countries. However, they are developing them as we speak. They have confirmed to be available working on these issues and hope to be all completed by early 2019. 

Advantages For Publishers

Publishers earn a $2 CPM (for all countries) and takes just a few minutes to setup on your website. The rates can go even higher for higher converting publishers, so make sure reach out to your account rep once you have started. There is a feature on their website that lets you test what your ad will look like, as you can see blow. Because it puts your website into a I frame, I would personally recommend using a landing page to get higher conversions. Unlike most other ad networks with high withdrawal minimums, all you need is just $10 before you can take your profits. 


Cons For Publishers

It is important to note that Exit Intent is CPA and Affiliate friendly, so you will have advertisements such verticals as dating, adult, or giveaways that you may not want to advertise too. The ads are not intrusive because they only appear when the smart technology detects the visitor leaving the page. At the moment only desktop traffic is served. 

Conclusion Exit Intent Ad Network

ExitIntentAdNetwork is not a mainstream Ad Network but specializes in the CPA and affiliates niche.  The benefits for publishers is that you earn a high CPM rate and for most websites is an untapped revenue source. For advertisers it is proven how effective this type of advertising is for maximizing your ROI, and with only a $10 deposit minimum can allow you to test it with very little risk.