Adsterra Shakes Up Adtech with Social Bar

Global ad network Adsterra has added a new revolutionary ad format called Social Bar to its catalogue

The soon-to-be-released Google Chrome update is predicted to strongly affect the industry, and many people will be losing out on big profits due to the changes. It’s not an isolated occurrence, either: the digital space has been rapidly adapting to shutting out ads of all forms and sizes. It’s during times like these that it is most necessary to adapt, and Adsterra seems to have gotten ahead of the pack with its new highly engaging ad format, Social Bar.  

Social Bar comes with five different ad types that can be combined and customized to create the perfect campaign tailored to your product or platform. Coupled with the platform’s other great features, such as their existing, proven to be effective ad formats, highly competent managers, and user-friendly interface, Social Bar is sure to help you offset any losses or damage suffered from potential and existing software updates. 

Social Bar has already shown great results. A/B testing has proven that it increases CTR by 20-30 times, leading to much higher post-click performance. Already a non-intrusive ad by design, it can be made even more so with the wide array of customization tools available to advertisers. This, together with the Social Bar being AdBlock-resistant, will ensure campaigns have 100% traffic and great reach.

Social Bar includes five ad types, and one of them, In-Page Push, is already quite popular in the industry. However, Adsterra built on its concept and created something more customizable and effective. Not to mention, Social Bar is more than just an In-Page Push. Here is an overview of the ad types it consists of: 

In-Page Push

A non-intrusive ad that is placed directly on the publisher’s website. It does not require subscription or opt-ins. It is highly customizable, as users can change anything from CTA and color scheme to the icon, its size or position.

Custom Banner

A next-gen ad format that utilizes HTML and CSS to create fully interactive banners with animations, countdowns, and carousel-like elements. It’s perfect for e-commerce offers and is a lot less intrusive than traditional banner ads.


Video Bar

A highly engaging ad format that doesn’t feel intrusive, Video Bar displays high quality videos, trailers and webinar pre-rolls that are very effective at attracting the audience’s attention.  


Chat Bar 

An ad format that uses chat windows to engage users and then send them to an advertiser's page. It is fully interactive and supports different conversation scenarios, images, gifs, emojis, etc. Thanks to this, it is highly native and thus remarkably effective in increasing your CR.


Survey Bar

Another highly interactive non-intrusive ad format, it utilizes surveys to send users to the advertiser’s page. It is effective not only in increasing CR, but also in filtering your audience.

For the best results, test all of these out to find out which combination works best for you. Do not hesitate to contact Adsterra’s managers for advice. They all have completed the company’s industry-best in-house training program and can not only explain the platform’s features, but also advise you on how to improve your advertising strategy. 

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits Adsterra’s Social Bar can offer to both advertisers and publishers.


  • 20-30x CTR compared to web push
  • 20+ advanced targeting options, incl. OS and browser versions, IP, etc
  • High visibility on all devices, browsers, and OS, increased reach on iOS compared to other formats
  • A/B testing for up to 15 creatives at a time
  • Fully customizable creatives


  • No user subscription required
  • Can choose between mainstream and non-mainstream verticals. Can filter ad types and customize the set of Social Bar ad formats
  • Non-intrusive and non-disruptive formats
  • Google compliant and AdBlock friendly
  • Higher CR leading to an increase in CPM

Adsterra’s AI optimization tool ensures users see the most relevant ads leading to high CR


Adsterra’s Social Bar offers many benefits to both publishers and advertisers alike, and will be especially effective when the Google Chrome update rolls in. If you feel a little lost, or don’t know how to adapt to the changes, Adsterra’s managers can help you re-adjust your strategy. You can also try all the new formats yourself and see if you like them and would want to add them to your platform: it’s always good to change things up so that your audience doesn’t get bored.

Don’t miss out on profits and increase your income - try Adsterra’s Social Bar today.