Positionly Coupon & Promo Codes 2017

Positionly is a new kid on the block when it comes to the world of inbound marketing software.  After all, the Polish-based company is less than a year old. However, don’t let the company’s relative youth fool you – Positionly has already cultivated a sterling representation for helping their clientele maximize their site traffic and improve their ratings.

They have been able to build their status based on youthful vigor. The company is indeed stocked by ambitious young people; men and women that have never known an adult life without hearing how important things like SEO to any online presence. In other words, they understand terms that oftentimes have a reputation for creating a stumbling block amongst those that may not be as tech-savvy in terms of internet presence. The intuition that Positionly has organically cultivated through their staff has enabled the company to grow quickly in less than a year, to the tune of over 1500 clients.

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Positionly Coupon

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Our Positionaly Review

One of the strongest traits that Positionality possesses is the range of plan that it offers. It offers the big plans that contain all of the whistles and bells that one may hope that a company specializing in SEO optimization would have. At the same time, they offer smaller plans that are marked with the basic building blocks integral to implementing an SEO strategy for smaller companies.

Positionly’s smartphone capabilities are also rather impressive. The company’s up-to-the-minute SEO tracking information can be delivered straight to your phone via an app that can be downloaded from the Apple app store or through Google Play. This makes it very easy for people to track the progress of their SEO-fueled growth, which is something that allows the consumer to keep tabs on Positionly’s performance. Also, Positionly keeps track of your website round the clock and will inform you of big, terrific news, such as traffic surges and the fluctuation of keyword positions. This kind of cyclical synergy that comes from such a convenient package ultimately goes a long way into leading Positionly to create an outstanding product.

Positionly’s customizable white label service is also a very nice tool; one that in a way reflects the exciting spirit that runs through the company.  In essence, this allows the customer to fully customize the look of Positionly’s materials, from making sure their reports match their color scheme to creating branded reports. It is a feature that provides Positionly with a layer of invisibility; one that allows for an even more natural sense of integration between you and the company.

Notable Positionly Services and Features

Plans and Pricing

Positionly offers five different pricing tiers to their customers. The smallest tier, the Micro Plan, is designed for 1 user and is offered at $5 a month. The plan features the management of 1 website, 10 keywords, 1 competitor track, and 100 monitored backlinks.

The Bronze Plan is the next step up, and features a price tag of $16 a month.  This tier, which is also designed for 1 user, comes with the management of 5 websites, 50 keywords, the tracking of 5 competitors, and 600 monitored backlinks.

The most popular package is the Silver Plan. Priced at $42 a month, the plan is suited for 5 users. The tier features the management of 10 websites, 250 keywords, the tracking of 10 competitors, and 5,000 monitored backlinks.

Those that are interested in having access for an unlimited number of users can look at Positionly’s Gold Plan, which is priced at $84 a month. This plan features the management of 30 websites, 1,000 keywords, the tracking of 20 competitors, and up to 35,000 monitored backlinks.

Positionly also offers a fully customizable plan called the Platinum Plan. The cost of this particular plan is dependent on the number of websites, keywords, users, competitors, and backlinks you want to integrate into your strategy. You’ll be able to call or e-mail the company to discuss the creation and pricing of the plan.

Web Tracking

The standout service Positionly offers its 24/7 web tracking capability. In essence, this special service gives the customer a heads-up whenever an important event regarding keywords, traffic, or rankings occurs, thus enabling the customer to stay in the know about what is happening to their web presence at all times. This service not only integrates several key elements regarding the SEO process, it also provides an opportunity to educate people that may not know much about SEO about the ins and outs of this somewhat tricky element of business. This is especially true considering that the alerts Positionly offers can be customized to focus on specific aspects of SEO, such as keyword ranking trends.

Analytical Tools

Positionaly features several tools that allow you to make your SEO strategy flow in a more streamlined, efficient manner. Their competitor analysis tool lets you keep tabs on what the companies in your field are doing in terms of keyword usage and web traffic.  This information can help you learn what strategies work – and just as importantly, do not work – which in turn could allow you to keep pace or even get a leg up on your fellow businesses.  Positionly also features and essential tool called To-dos, which dispense tips on how to improve your ranking and plan an effective SEO strategy to lure more traffic to the site.